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Your Health VS Your Life

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If you care about your health and life, You'll spare a minute to go through this Content.

I'm sure you're familiar with these words, so they are probably not new to you.

but hey my point here is sure gonna be new to you. Do you doubt it? let see then.

Leaving the other two words, I want you to take note of that word in between "Vs"

it's a word that is very common, especially in football (I know right)

it's also a word used when a particular thing is against the other.

so then why am I contrasting Health and Life?

This is why...

According to research, It's been discovered that 85% of people in the world today care more about their Life than their Health.

Hey... don't get confused yet, I'm just getting started.

This is what I mean. Lots of people do think these two are the same. but in fact, though inside each other, they are different.

Your health deals with the stability of Your mind, mental state and your body.While Your life includes how you use your mind, mental state and your body.

Now people tend to use the latter more than paying attention to the first one. This is because they feel the LIFE Yields more results than HEALTH.

While in fact, Health is responsible for LIFE. It's what allows Life to experience life itself. Without Health, Life breaks down.

This is a wake-up call to you to take your health seriously as much as you take Life. Taking note that without HEALTH, there can't be LIFE!

Cheers to more of your Health and Life.

GROWTH: Does it relate only to your body?

I love the word "Growth". This is because it means a lot to me. I can remember back then what my definition of growth was.

"The growth of the physique and boost in eternity as the years roll by"

That, though not wrong, doesn't define real Growth.

As humans, we are bound by time, also referred to as "Life Time". And we are expected to grow as we use this lifetime of ours.

But the mistake people often make is that they grow only in certain areas of their life.

Let me shock you.... all Humans are capable of growing even more than they can. Yes! this is because Growth is directly proportional to Expansion.

And this can only happen if you stretch to attain that level of growth.

Dear Special, I want you to reason this with me and realize that you have more and much more space to grow.

A lot of notable people you know today, expanded their Growth and grew into whom you know them to be. This is because they realize they could expand their area of Growth.

it's time you get to Know that Growth isn't only about the body nor your age. it's about growing into that being God wants you to be.

THE BEING OF PURPOSE. So, Spread your wings of Growth and fly so high..... the world awaits you.

Against All Odds

This is one Content you don't wanna miss.

I have two pretty ladies I got to know through this platform. One named Sarah and the other, Mary.

I love these two ladies because they tend to advise me daily. Every time and anytime, I get inspired by their words.

But one would end our talk by telling me " Make wise Decisions dear, don't give up on your dreams because of your situations so you won't end up like me.

While Sister Mary would say " If you want to be great in life, you gotta push on no matter your situations. Only Losers give up. I'm not a loser! and I never give up"

I then wondered about Sister Sarah's words. She was doing well obviously, then why did she ask me not to end up like her. My curiosity led me to ask her what she meant.

To cut the story short, she explained how she gave up on most opportunities due to problems and circumstances she found herself in the past.

though She's was able to Still get on her feet, She wasn't satisfied that most of her dreams were not achieved.

Now, I'm not saying this story to make you know about these two Ladies.. but to grab a point and lesson from this content.

Sometimes Situations tends to make us want to give up on some of our dreams, but that's not the solution.

Rather you should take a stand, fight and pursue. Success is never easy, if it was, then everyone would be Jeff Bezos. So AGAINST ALL ODDS, strive and pursue your dreams.

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Written by   21
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Health is wealth... Really a healthy person have a good mind

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