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Lessons I Learnt Recently

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1 month ago


I stopped writing for a while for different reasons, not that I took a break or something but I just stopped. But I learnt different things during this period.

Some of the reasons why I stopped and what I learnt was:




PERFECTION: I have different contents written but I didn't post anyone because I thought they were not good enough. I wanted content without mistakes. But I got to realise that the more I write and post and make mistakes, the more I learn.

Stop waiting to be perfect before you start something, start somewhere and grow. Mistakes are inevitable.

COMPARISON: Every time I opened that blue app and see people's content, I felt I would not be able to write like them, that they were just too perfect.

But then things changed when I reminded myself that they were like me at one point in time and their consistency and discipline brought them to where they are.

And I also learnt to learn from them, to learn about the mistakes they made too and how they overcame them too.


I'm a student, normally I'm supposed to be busy but looking at the things I do every day I had more than enough time to work on myself and do important things too. I followed other people and I saw their progress and I realised that they had the same 24hours I have to.

I thought I was too busy but I had to go through what I do every day and I realised that I wasn't as busy as I thought.

I realised something, that at times I was just busy for nothing, I thought I was busy and going through what I do I realised I was doing nothing.

Not that I wasn't doing anything at all but I was doing things that were not of help to me.

Note: Stop comparing journey with others but you could as well learn from them. Don't wait until you have a perfect idea before you start, start somewhere and grow.

Remember you have the same 24hours as those successful people.


You are probably wondering why you need to check your storage space right?

I don't mean the storage of your phone

I mean yourself.

I was going through the storage of my phone today because the memory was full so I needed to create more space.

While I was creating more space I noticed that some things were irrelevant and they were taking too much space, so I had to clear all of them.

At times what you need to do is to remove that negativity from your life to create space for positivity.

You have to clear those irrelevant things to create space for the relevant ones.

You have to let go of things that don't add value to your life.

You have to let go of those fruitless friendships and relationships.

Check yourself what irrelevant thing do you think you should drop?

What habit do you think you should change?

Who do you need to eliminate from your planet?

What idea do you need to unlearn and relearn?


I have to do this.

I have to do that.

I need to read this book.

I need to apply for that course.

Enough of the thinking and talking.

Sometimes you spend your time deliberating on what you have to do, you get so busy thinking that you end up doing nothing.

You make a lot of decisions but at times you think too much about them that you don't execute them.

You know you have to do some things because they essential for your growth. But at times you end up not doing them.

At times what causes inactions might be:

Perfection; wanting to do everything without making mistakes.

Low self-esteem; not believing in yourself.

Too many excuses;

Have you noticed that when you decide to do some things that excuses show up?

There are more than enough reasons why you shouldn't take actions, but you must learn to discipline yourself.

Self-discipline is doing what you have to do whether you feel like it or not.

Take action, start somewhere, enough of the talking. Start doing something. Take that course, read that book do things that makes you reach your goals.

I hope I've helped

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Written by   21
1 month ago
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I really appreciate your encouragement in your posts. The truth is that we can't wait for perfection but we must keep doing our best and learn from mistakes. With these, we would be perfect.

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1 month ago

Thank you so much for always appreciating me. It really means a lot. ❤️

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1 month ago