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A true feeler

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1 month ago
Topics: Thoughts, People, Love

A true feeler

He visited the art gallery and showed his interest in a picture which was made by the dots and these dots gradually linked one another, at the final stage a picture appeared which was a girl who is sitting under a tree in a state sit-in and her hands a piece of paper and the writing on the paper is not clear to read so I focused my eyes near it the words are about a person who left the girl giving her a promise, the paper is only a proof of that person she loves but he did not come and she through this piece of paper is telling the word about her love affair as well warn the people about his deceived promise because he gives proof but leaves no proof behind.

The picture     

She sent me an attractive picture and the feature of it was clear. Then this picture met me physically and made me mad about the painting the time had painted on it.

There was no match between the picture and the face, I asked this riddle and reply was, I used makeup to look attractive, but before coming here I decided to do makeup to conceal the scars of past, but later on, postponed because I believe in originality, now I am here before you as it is.

I could read her face which was like an old picture that had been tired to face the brutal reality of life where a body has to fight against the evil forces of society to get intact it's linked with its soul which is very tough.

You are not to whom I liked and now I am confused to decide and what to say.

Dear look, here I am with all colours of the past, if you like me, accept as it is with my blemish past.

I saw around because I could not decide right now how I would accept a painting on it every person has used his favourite colours, should I make it part of those people who used their favourite colours to soothe, should I do or do not or should this painting take to home or use it like others, I was totally confused.

Abstract Feelings:     

Two birds were perching on a wall of a home where time was evening, the husband and wife were busy abusing one another on the issue of promises, they gave one another before the marriage and at once husband pinpointed the love mode of the birds and realized his wife to learn from these birds, the wife became silent and then spoke with irritating mode, I did this part, you did not give me importance, I have fed up of this satire, the birds left the wall.

The next morning, at the time of breakfast, they again started quarrelling and quoting weakness of one another, during that time, two birds perched on the wall, but one was different, he again pinpointed the love affair of the birds, she said with loudness, it is just like you, overnight, it has changed the party, as you change your mind to give me pain.

The birds are independent, their life is different, we are humans, we live with some rules and if we are married our responsibility is increased. We must show more gentleness, and avoid reminding and quoting the weakness or mistakes of the past.

I accept before marriage I promised but dear forget it and let me make new promises to live a happy life.

The husband looked around but was silent, you remind me of my past which is not bearable for me. I know I am not a complete person, sometimes my weakness of personality holds me tightly I behave you bad.

Since yesterday we have been sharing harsh words and showing angered, tell me how to start a new life. Tell me in yes or no. If you want to be a bird then you are free to follow any rules. If you want to be a human then you will have to follow rules.

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Written by   18
1 month ago
Topics: Thoughts, People, Love
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