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A Dream

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1 month ago

A dream

A dream is a mystery in itself. A dream is an illusion, imagination of our subconscious mind while our conscious mind is taking rest (while we are sleeping). A human being can never remember the starting point of the dream and can't remember the dream wholly too. You can't also find how did you get yourself in the position that's seen in dreams. It's like stuff just happens in dreams. From the ancient human civilization till the date humans have always been curious about the dream. But it's still somehow a mystery for us. In an average life of a human, we almost see more than 5/6 thousand dreams if we count and in our average life, we almost lose 6 years of our life dreaming. Dream all comes from our subconscious mind. Every human See's related things in their dream. From a Hindu perception whatever you see in your dream is related to you. And the things you see in your dream is also related to your life too. There is always should be some connections between the two object either living being or non-living being to be visible in each other's dream. Dream neither can be controlled nor can be created it just happens. This ancient concept of Hindu has been more believed because of the similar explanation from a physiological analyzer who studied the dream and he quotes. :- while we are sleeping our subconscious mind is more active because our conscious mind is taking rest. The subconscious mind captures all the images from every place we have been it also captures the unseen little movement that happened in places we have been a whole day which is not even noted by our conscious mind and the same image becomes unrecognizable while it comes into our dreams it's because our conscious mind hasn't noted any of those things but our subconscious mind has.

Treasure of love

The instinct of love we can see in a little child when a mother loves him and in its return he also loves, it means he has this germs.

When we become adult this instinct changes its shape and we love but differently, we feel something in our heart and this change is love but for the opposite sex to whom we like and want to share everything and some mad people go one step ahead and sacrifice their lives in the name of love.

With time, the taste of love changes and its change our mind feels, for its support when we like someone we think about him and when that person is involved in the love of another person we feel something in our heart, some say it is jealousy, some say it is a passion of love and the modern man says it is a sense of possession but love is present in different shapes.


Last night I met a worried person but he did not tell me his problem, he was sitting and I was reading his eyes and body language. He hid something I thought might be a matter of heart or separation of mind from a sweetheart so I asked few things, he denied give their answers and said, it is my fire and I will cool it down.

Ok, I can understand your problem, if you don't want to share it with me, all right but give smile and face the world, your words can not support your determination.

Such dilemma we face daily and personal will power to sort out the issues but it's not a proper way because you created a mess through your folly, folly like I can handle it better, this mantra is not good because you knitted a web of issues and still is insisting on that you will cover the things, not fair you need help, esp. your close one, tell your issue and search the way out, you made a fire but you can not extinguish it lonely you need the firefighters.

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Written by   18
1 month ago
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Dreams are usually eating up our lives in almost half and I believed on that. Nice article po, keep it up

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