Parcel Your Quality Time.

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Discipline in life save us from lot of burden. It guaranteed for smooth ride of life and generate punchuality in us. Time is most precious thing and each one should utilise it wisely with discipline because if we waste it , sure it will waste us .

Most of us running blindly in one direction only with all the energies and time which may win the race but same time we will loose lot of things. May we are at victory stand but no one around to clap.

We must divide / parcel our time into five major parts. Our quality time should spent in portions according to our attention. Let's see which five parts are important,

1. Our Creator

We must make schedule from our quality time for worship /prayer/ thanking/ gratefulness to our creator , Almighty Allah. Unfortunately we remember him , call him , beg him only in difficult times. When we reached at last stage where no hope or ray of light visible , we call him for assistance. Once that problem / hurdle went over we again forget him till next affliction.

It is not a good attitude which we do. We must remember him in happy time too . Must be grateful to him on every breath , every bounty and every blessing. It is possible only if we took time from our schedule on regular basis. A quality time which only for him .

2. OurSelf

Ourself is most important to us . We are only best well-wishers to ourself because no other will have such feelings for us. Keep a portion from quality time for yourself.

Care of yourself is in your hands. If you collect bundle of wealth on the cost of your health then all wealth will be useless to you . So choose a better , comfertablness with moderation. We must enjoy our life , relax our mind and body.

3. Our Family

Our family deserves our attention and care. They are most prestigious relationships of our life and we can't ignore them at any cost. We must give them enough time . Our parents wants to sit with us , talk to us , share to us. Our siblings has right over us to fulfill the needs and luxuries.

There is no alternative in world of family. Pure Love , greed less care , return less attention and strong bonds not available anywhere else.

If we got everything but lost family then our achievement is waste because we didn't have beloved ones to celebrate.

4. Our Friends

We made friends in our life and luckily if we got sincere friends then it will be our best assets. Friends always are forever , they Stands with us in our bad times then how we can ignore them in our good times.

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We should spend our time with them. The company with them will revitalise our soul and energies our strength. It will boost our thinking capabilities because we got encouragement , braveness and trustworthy attitude from them .

5. Our Community

We are living in civilised world where our neighborhood , mates , colleagues , partners and associates exists. We should get time to get in touch with them . Weddings , birthdays , funerals , side meetings , welfare services, helping are our engagement circles.

We must took part in these categories to be alive in society socially. It gives opportunity to learn from their experiences and skills. We knows their expertise and share their pain & suffering.


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We must truly have and separate our time for worshipping our creator the almighty who kept us alive to these moments .

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2 years ago

We should have because without his mercies we can't achieve anything.

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2 years ago

The best suggestion and advice you provided in your article,, ww should live not only for us but for others also...

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2 years ago

That will be reall purpose of living .

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2 years ago