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Movies are important mode of electronic media which gives us refreshment , amusement, enjoyment, and acknowledgement. It is one of the oldest medium on media for entertainment purposes which has still huge interest of viewers.

In last article " Movie Questions" by @Coolmidwestguy places some interesting questions and answers about movies. If you missed it then check in above link for details. Let's go with me for my response.

What is your favorite type of movie?

My movie watching journey starts from those days when VCR ( video cassette Recorder) were in fashion. It was last decade of 20th century when we hire the VCR+ TV from shop for one night and whole night watch movies mostly from Bollywood.

Romantic and comedy movies remains my first choice and always avoid from horror, science fiction, action movies. Mostly watched Bollywood movies in Urdu but some movies in English also in record.

Would you rather watch a movie in the theater or at home.

My most of time in adulthood was in village so very less opportunities to go in theater those days. Then parents were strict and it was banned to me to go in theater for watching a movie. I remember that in my whole life I went to theater twice only. So I didn't have much experience of watching a movie in theater. But still I love to watch a movie at home in calming & peaceful environment.

If you go to the movie theater where do you prefer to sit if given the choice?

Definitely closer and middle seating will be first choice. Why? Because it gives me true assence of watching a movie. Each and every action with fill attention.

Who is your favorite actor/actress?

Well, it is long list because favourite celebrities change by time and mode of films. For me Shah Rukh Khan is always my Bollywood favourite actor and Joohi Chawala as actress. Bruse willis as actor and Angelina Jolie as actress from Hollywood.

From comedy movies I love Charli chaplain and Jony walker. My country produced very high class comedians and I applause for umer sharif and moeen Akhter.

What is your favorite movie?

Without any doubt " Kuch Kuch hota Hy " from Bollywood and " A mighty Heart " from Hollywood are my favourite. I think both I watched more then ten times already and still it amuse me.

Closing thoughts.

It is almost 6-7 years now that I didn't watch movie in full time. Business, family, kid's education monitoring and tribe engagement not giving enough chance to move for a movie but still I believe that we should go for meaningful, delightful and mind relaxing movie.

I will take the opportunity to say once again thanks to original owner of the questionnaire @Coolmidwestguy .

Thanks for your time to be here . Love to see your opinion in comments.

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Movies are nice to also gave us diversion from all of our busyness in life. I also didn't spend much time with movies, only when I'm washing laundries.

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Id say I'm a huge movie buff. I like you don't have much time to watch them often.

VHS and to mention cassette tapes, 8 track , and records. The oldier we get the more technology we see.

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