Keep your Heart alive!

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Our heart is main organ which drive our whole body. It's significance ensure our routine work smooth, attitude and behaviour, purity in thoughts and level of satisfaction. More satisfying soul always has beautiful heart which flex his mind and spirit.

Forgetting is blessing.

which nature keeps as an element in our yeast. Sometimes we must practice it forcefully to ourselves because forget the negativity or failure gives calmness. More importantly we must forget the bad behaviours of people in interest of our own peace. Because keeping in mind every time produce angers and fire of revenge.

I was in a wedding ceremony last week where our host was in problem with another relative. They were not in interaction since four years. That person also was far away from me due to a betray incident with me. When the host asked me to go to his house with them . I didn't argue about his attitude with me , I prepare and went to his house. He was surprised to see me in his house because it was 360° opposite to his expectations. In short , he agreed to us to participate in wedding ceremony. He also apologize me for his previous behaviour Infront of all people at that time. I was happy and hug him with clear heart.

Convert hate into forgiveness.

Betrayal, cheating and ear bites in relationship always generate hate in our hearts but forgiveness washed it clearly and we feel comfertable. It is a difficult practice but again we must listen to our heart. The anger has fire in it and tolerance can reduce its heat. When we will be able to convert our hate into forgiveness, our heart will be pleased and alive.

Don't unfold the past.

The mistakes , disobedience, deception ، dodges of past should be buried in past. We can't live with happy and alive heart if we carry these things in our inner pocket. When time came to revive the relationship then don't unfold the past. You did this , you did that , you shouldn't be etc.

Don't Fear of people.

One of the familiar hurdle of our society in reviewing the relationship is fear of people. We unnecessary gives importance to other's comments and suggestions. Oppositely we must look at what our heart wants and deserve. How we can care our soul ? We must realise that we are most important to us only. So an alive heart never listen the baseless arguments of other people , It decided what suits to him.

Stay happy on division.

Each individual has its own luck and destiny according to division of almighty God. Staying happy on His division also matter of alive heart. Otherwise Greediness, jealousy, malice and ungratefulness will cover up the heart and it will be difficult to get rid of from these invisible enemies.

Keeping your heart alive is Purley in your own hands. But keep in mind alive heart will be a guarantee of prosperous, satisfied and happy Living. Also fragrant attitude, behaviour and confidence in conversation as well.

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True my friend that's why it's really important that we must keep our heart alive because it will give us a happiness.

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1 year ago

Negativity always drains our positive energy and positive feedback, we should change our behaviour although it will change in a gradually manner because it's not the work for one day it's complete process

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1 year ago

Good words Sir. Leaving hate out there is never good. Whether it's in someone else's heart or ours. Forgiveness often eliminates hate and makes both parties better.

$ 0.03
1 year ago

Allah loves those who forgives for the sake of Allah, and our prophet Muhammad PBUH also taught us forgiveness.

Very nicely explained to keep heart alive. Jazakallah

$ 0.02
1 year ago

Wow! You played maturity there. It was very nice of you to have gone to the person's house.

We just have to learn to forgive others because we ourselves make mistakes.

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1 year ago