Blissful New Features of Twitter.

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Continued developments , upgradings and new tools according to the requirements of users made any social media player alive and attractive. These changings made guarantee for better interactions of users and they didn't got bored, disappointed. They will stay in the plateform if got everything what they need.

Twitter is well-known social media for short stories, news , bulletin and massages. Like any other successful plateform, twitter also introduce latest technologies and add up new features as the User's required. Twitter added two main new features recently which making difference.

1. Views Stats

View on main wall is one of latest feature added in twitter. The views Stats were possible earlier too but for the engagement of tweets we have to go in stats bar but now it is possible within the main page and every one can know it.

This feature helps the community to measure the penetrations and reaching. In quick time the owner can know the mass number of views.

2. BTC and ETH stats in search bar.

Cypto is most hot topic at social media and every one looking latest developments in this field. We know BTC and ETH are main and probably most powerful players of crypto verse.

Twitter added BTC and ETH in search bar to get the instant information about price and trend. Any one can get latest market price by writing $BTC in search bar and the chart above will appears. It links with the site which is a familiar name in Crypto latest information.

Exactly same thing done with ETH, when we put $ETH in search bar , it will lead us to price chart as above.

These features are continuity of upgrading of twitter as Elon musk stated in its tweet two months ago when he announced to pay $8 for verified account status.

Hope the features will get good adoption in Users as initially seems. Further more we can expect more measurements soon in term of verification and validation of accounts.

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