Autopilot living.

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The life of individuals always based on relationship which starts with our birth and end with life even some remain alive after our move forward. Parents always in best possible care to kids and almost no one can blame them.

The real test of relationship starts when we entered in it physically. The relationship in partnering , wife/ husband or GF/ BF . Here again the relationship of wife / husband has more powerful bonds spiritually and emotionally.

In bigning of the relationship both partners are willow and excited in which they spend golden days of life . Time passed , one or two years or may be ten years the relationship went in frozen zone and life went on autopilot mode.

What is autopilot mode? It is life with purpose to metallic world but no purpose of relationship. Most of couples starts living meaningless life where they lost the interaction and mutual love. Where the importance priority changed and more meaningful objects replaced by useless ones.

Can we question to ourself that " is our life purposeful/ meaningful or hanging on autopilot mode? It is important to evolute the relationship. So with full honesty ask from yourself that .

  • To whom I am giving priority. My activities or my relationship.

  • How much care / portion of quality time I am spending on screen and with my wife.

  • Is my activities are worthy or just time consuming.

  • What reasons I have to live here.

  • What useless part of activities killing my time.

  • What is future of my time consuming actions.

  • When last time I filled the desire of my partner with happiness.

  • When last time you admire her existence/ thanks her being partner/ says romantic praising words.

These self evolution questions and the answers will give you clear picture of our daily activities, time consumption and outputs. In these questions if your are missing your relationship and the most answers are in favour of your activities then relationship then stop/ hold everything on pause status because your relationship is on autopilot mode.

How we can change the mode ? Autopilot to delightful.

By answering the above questions just sit down and think that what kind of living you have. What rubbish doing and why wasting time in unproductive things. Un-Important and meaningless activities should be avoided. If possible share your answers , thoughts and reviews with your partner and assure him that you are doing all these for him. Don't make any baseless, fake and resultless arguments with him. Make time table for your business and online social activities. Close your device when the time of your partner starts. Don't give importance to anything else Infront of your partner.

Once you starts doing so , you will feel the difference clearly. Your life will slowly enter to meaningful status. That will be you win when your partner admires you for your meaningful mode. Life will be more delightful because your inner will be pleased and satisfied.

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Very well said by you sir we should value our relationship and respect them if we give importance to our relationship and talk to them with good words then our partner will also be happy with us. May Allah bless you and your family always and grant success, Ameen.

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1 year ago

Yes, you are absolutely right, to keep our relationship strong, it is very important to give them time and understand them and communicate with them and give them importance.If we don't give importance to our relationship then our relationship will never be strong and understanding with our partner will always be on edge so we should schedule everything and Make time for your partner and give some time to your relationship. May Allah bless you always and give you success ameen.

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1 year ago

Actually, people think that time moves so fast but that's not really true. If we sleep for 6hrs a day, we would still have 16hrs left. It's left for us to decide how we use that long stretch of time.

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1 year ago

We are the masters of our life and we have to decide how to spend time.

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1 year ago

Our relationships start getting words when we reveal everything of our life I think we should leave an element of curiosity in the mind of our partner so that he remain eager to know the secrets of our life

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1 year ago

And God say's too that you should respect this relation and you've to work for make it powerful 🥰 i think after marriage both have to do care each other too

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1 year ago

Indeed the relationship of husband and wife is strong and we need to keep watering this relationship to grow them well.

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1 year ago

To know the purpose of our life should be our first priority. By pondering on these questions we can clearly know it.

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1 year ago