A Thief won $500 as reward.

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Thefting, stealing or robbing are social evils which are with us since dark times. Yes the methods, ways and means changes time to time. Recent modern digital economy has sharp mind , clever fraudulent and master scammers has existence every where.

The long time ago very less people were involved in this evilness. Most were brave , healthier and wrestler which use their body power to do the acts. I am sharing a incident base on true story with live evidence.

The Thief & challenge

I met a retired Thief who is now around 70 years old. He was young in 1970-80 decade and was a famous one in the area. Always choose hard job , tough area to do act of thefting. Those day's thiefs target the animals & house hold things ( there were no machinery, electronics or vehicles to steal).

He share a story with me about a incident which leads him to win the prize Equal to $500 which was a huge amount in 1970-80 times.

The land lord of the area ( which was the father of current MNA ( Member National assembly) and I gave him a artificial name of Umer . He built a villa in the middle of his agricultural land for residence. The animal ( cows , buffalo and goats) shed was on South side of the villa and horse stable on North side. He had lot of horses in stable but White mare was really a queen which he used for his own ride in travel.

Umer had declared that if any one (Thief) can steal this mare from his stable , He will reward him $500. Lot of thief's tried but failed due to double layer of security. Huge bultier dogs were at outer fence and guards were around the villa. So it seems impossible to anyone to get success. The dangour of loosing the life in this attempt were so high.

Challenge accepted.

According to this 70 year's old retired Thief , I accept the challenge in our community and starts tracing the schedule of guards, number of dogs , timing of in/ out of animals from stable etc.

He added, I started my journey by friendship with dogs. Every midnight I go there silently and throw some pieces of meat to them on four sides. Initially they barked at me and I always escape quickly but slowly within a week they reduce their voices and after two weeks they started to recognise me as member of security team.

Incident's night .

He keeps telling, "we always choose night for our work which is most dark and without Moon. It helps us to hide ourself from other's and gives more chance to escape from scenes."

That night was too black one and I reached at spot by midnight. I choose to do thefting of a bull firstly because the South side of the villa has shorter fences. Dogs were waiting for my meat . I throw some pieces , humped over the fence , open the wooden gate from inside and get the rope of a bull in hands. Silently I start walking to orange's orchard which was best place to hide myself in dark night.

I leave bull there tied up rope to a tree where he started eat grass and wait a while. Exactly after 20 Minutes the noise of guards started across the fence of animals. Within couple of minutes my approach turned out to be correct and land lord himself sitting on his mare cane out in my Hunt.

They found the bull in orchard, land lord himself cane down from mare and all heads to bull side . I got chance to grip the mare . I came out from orange tree, silently jumped up the mare , hang the rope and within two minutes I was on the way back with successful mission. The mare was under me and running like a rocket.

In short, I reached in my area Early morning and told to my boss about it ( which was another land lord) . He praised me and say go and sleep. By morning the original owner also reached there with the recognising by my foot prints.

He awarded me $500 as he announced and we gave him back his mare. The distance I travel that night was 26 kilometres on the back of mare. I still remain behind the curtain and all the settlement done by the land lord of our area which was a normal practice in those days.

It is one of the most remarkable thefting incident of my life which I superseded successful way.

Thanks for being here for reading this true story. Sorry for more time due to lengthy plot but still I made short and skipped some notes.

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I can't believe the twists of events that happened.

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