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Sat, August 7, 2021

Aug - 06 of 20

Upon checking the day today, i was in awe that it's already Saturday! A day to closing a week. My, my, my, is it only me that feels like the day come faster? The last thing i remember, it was Monday and now look at how it jump in a fleet.

The weather is in its best mood today. And you know it can influence our mood as well, right? The patches of blue sky and the rays coming from the sun give more hue to this weekend.

Weekend- Weakstart

Weekend separate most of us from work and burden- for a moment. Especially students, would have a sigh of relief when this part of the week arrives. Back in the day when i was in high school and there were F2F classes, me and my acquaintances would yearn for the weekend. Hearing them shower with complain on monday and cheer glasses on friday makes me laugh. I felt the need, just like them. Tho, some teachers would send us something to do at home during weekends, surely rock our mood to the acme of annoyance.

But we still find time for relaxation, or let me rephrase it, "We make and spend time to relax and breath". Funny how we do that and cram on Monday. Lol. Even to this day, most of my weekends have been spent doing something to separate me from pressure and just live. I mean live for a moment without worrying about the outsider-the problems and worries that knocks everytime i open my eyes in the morning and every night before i drift to sleep. It's unbearable sometimes so i need to divert my attention. And no doubt they are effective!

Weekend is our weakstart. Just take some rest buddy. Busy weekdays can whip us up badly and weekends are our haven. We deserve relaxation!

Watch movies

I love watching movies. But no I've not subscribed to Netflix. My Auntie and Grandma do have TV's and our past time is to watch movies. Filipino movies or foreign ones with diverse genre and my favourite would be paranormal, horror, comedy, action thriller and romance? Yeah say, yes. Hahaha. Even though I've watched these famous hollywood movies a hundred times, i still find them interesting and a good time waster. Good thing i don't remember all the details of a certain movie so there is still an "aw so that's what happened ", "i didn't know it happened", "So that's...i thought" and some more.

You know k-dramas, don't you? I sometimes watch, but no I am not addicted to it. I commend how good they are, the concept, and the whole thing is something. No wonder why they can easily pull their viewers' heart out, i mean literally. When i don't have the time, i would download some episode and keep them for future watching-when i get bored or what. Viu, Iflix and even on facebook and some k-drama sites are occasionally visited by yours truly. Netflix for the end of this month, i think.

Read books

I won't deny the fact that reading books have influence who i am today. After learning how to read, i spend my time reading kid stories. I have some company at our mini library every afternoon but i don't mind if I'd have one or none at all.

During high school, the habit didn't change. But since there would be a pile of bricks i mean assignments, i leave it for weekends. I read during weekends most of the time. And what do i read? Some books from our school library and mostly i read on my screen. Yeah, this is something embarrassing. I spent my time reading novels, and i don't regret it.

Extra Sleep

Most weekdays make me feel like sleep isn't the priority. Lol. Of course when work are overloading, you'll wish to finish it at once. I hope i could do that but no i can't. Hahaha. Sleeping on weekend sounds good, er. I always look forward for weekend to come just so i could redeem and fill in the sleep i missed during the busiest days.

Experiment in the kitchen

I do love to cook, but it tastes bad. Hahaha. But thanks to YT i could learn good recipes specially snacks. I feel like they are proud of me now that i can cook? Oh, they would be more proud if i eat a little?


This? Whenever i have the money, I'll go to buy some grocery. Good thing I've known and Both helped me with our wavering slash faltering living status.

Indulge with hobby

It's nice to entertain yourself with your hobbies. @Just1dood reminded me that with his article "Reviving a Passion". Thanks, dood! Now I'm on my heels again. Trying to reach and active with my hobbies. What are those? Secret.

Listen and download Songs

Music, music, music. As in music to my ears! I can't live without music (lol) and how it can easily change and lighten my mood. It moves me more to understanding other's and empathizing on their situation as well.

Read articles

I am saving articles and i vowed to read them all during weekends. But now, there is a power interruption in my place. My phone's draining charge fast and i will have to wait until the electricity comes back. That, would be by 6:00pm.

These are the things I mostly do during weekends. You? What do you do on weekends? Do you mind sharing?

Published this 7th day of August, 2021.

Thanks for reading!

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2 years ago


Hmmm....maybe I see an article on hobby in the works. LOL.

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2 years ago

I love the reading and Grocery part, I add window shopping part. Those are my stress reliever. For the reading, I love to have the actual books, not the pdf copy. I miss those things to do.

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2 years ago

I love to read on the actual book too. Kaso wala naman akong pambili po e. kaya sa app lang muna. or pdf

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2 years ago

I am actually planning to watch Space Jam 2 starring Lebron James.

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2 years ago

Wahhh I've never watch that one. But the first one, I've watched and its great!

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2 years ago

My brother shared his copy of the movie but I am yet to watch. Lol

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2 years ago