Everyday Mass-'First Wave' to last

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40th [3] Fri, September 03, 2021

Disclaimer: This is not written to make fun of our churches or holy mass.


We are divided by our religion but still, we find the way to unite depsite of our endearing differences. It may sound so good but we are not going to talk about the sacredness of religions and its massive concept.

Most love to listen and attend sunday masses or for other religions, it is set on a different day; Friday or Wednesday. Not all live near the church so one shall shed some penny to pay for the transpo fee. In my peers or even the adults I know, and don't know saves so much time, and money. Instead of going to church and listen for the holy mass, the mass itself goes to them.

Oh, fun! Imagine that really happens? Well, let me remind most of you, it did. And even now, it does. Back in the day, in your teenage era(?) I know most of you have experienced this, Am I wrong?

Morning Mass

Even though you haven't flung your eyes open, you'll hear the opening ceremony of the mass. The commencement as it says,

" Wake up! You little *mbe*il*! I've already done your supposed task and yet you're still lying on your f*l*hy bed!"

"That's for using too much phone. What time did you sleep?"

Sometimes it goes on differently like this,"Those who sleep too much will die soon. Are you exercising for your death?". and even worst, a music of two ear piercing cooking lids will be the your breakfast in bed.

As we grow older, we ought to wake up earlier (lol) well, that's really needed of course. Since she needs a hand to help her during the day. So if you wake up beyond her liking, you'll likely to face the consequence/s.

There's a rare time when she'll let you sleep how ever long your heart's desire. Of course, that's when you've fallen sick.😖 How sweet, right?

Near to Lunch or lunch Mass

If you haven't cook yet, and the dishes are splattered around. You forgot to clean the house or that you're too busy with your mobile, then another round of mass will begin. If your mother words will fly like daggers, you'll surely be stab, bullseye. lol. (not meant for a brutal scene, huh).

Moms are somehow like that. If I'm being honest, I am caught by such situation (sometimes) when I'm too lazy(?) or when I'm too busy with something (mobile?) and other's modules. And my other siblings are not on my rescue.

"Look at your room. You are a girl but you can't even tend to your beddings. Look at your closet, everything's a mess. Have you even blah blah blah?"

"You're old enough yet blah blah blah..."

That's not mine, I just heard that. From my classmates complaining about their moms' attitude. Mom just sees everything and she'd tell us right on our face. She's a living 'real talker' and sometimes it hurts(?) or it's embarrassing. When she tell us about our inadequacy and inefficiency and that, in front of our acquaintances or even relatives and friends.

Afternoon Mass

When she goes out and when arriving, she'll be meet by a big mess, then expect for another mass. She loves it, sadly. I occassionally hear my mother neighbors rattling, preaching, and complaining about how lazy their kids are. That even they've told them what to do, they failed to follow it. Etcetera etcetera.

When the mass starts, you'll notice that they are scattered around like ants in a colony when you try to wash them off, trying to evade their fate. That's kind of identical to human especially when their mom started her entertainment. Some would go in to the kitchen, to the bathroom, or to her room and lock the door and throw out the keys(lol)

"Where are you going? I'm talking to you all. Come back here now!"

"Mom, you sure? you're not talking. You're rapping...again" but this is all in our head. We can't talk back.

Bedtime Mass

I know most teens or adults like to use mobile at night. But, when you're still living with your parents, especially your mom, you've got to be careful a bit.

My friend loves to read at night. But her mom always caught her. So what she does is to pretend she's already sleeping and wait until the other sleep as well. After some time, she'll cover herself with blanketand enjoy reading.( I always see this as a meme on facebook. )

If you are using phones at night, I mean late at night, don't let the monster, I mean your mother caught you. But if you love to listen to bedtime mass instead of bedtime stories, then so be it. Let her catch you.

"Aren't you tired? Cellphone at day, cellphone at night? Look at your bags! Don't wait for your pimples blah blah blah"

"Don't cry at me when you develop vision problems!"

"You got a headache? Use your phone more."

And don't complain about you headache, huh? She'll blame your excessive use of mobile phones. (Well, she is right on that)

Ending = Caught in her Everyday Mass

Mothers love to lecture and blabber some more. In the Philippines, they are hailed as the fastest rapper since they talk so fast, loud and...nonstop. Sometimes or most of the time you'll be annoyed by her being like that. Some even talk back and that makes her more angry.

It's so nice when they don't go around preaching, lecturing, or pure complaining about your laziness, isn't it? For you are free as well. No negativity hanging above your head. Lol.

But, despite of them rapping like that, they are still our mother. Deny it or not, but we are guilty for our negligence to the tasks given to us. Our inadequacy and failure to tend to their task given and unattended responsibilities at home make them act like that out of frustration and containing anger.

For other moms, (if there is) who just love rapping around even though you've done your part just right, I don't know their problem.

Lucky (?) those sons and daughters whose moms are just silent or do not tolerate such action. Instead of flying words and profanities, they'll talk (calmly) with their sons and daughters about it.

But whatever kind of mom we have, that's still our mom. We can't change that fact, we can't easily change how she express herself, all we can do is to follow what she's asking as to do (of course, those tasks that is good and will not put us in danger)

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HAHAHAH mama ko parang machine gun kung maka sermon eh

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2 years ago

So many mass in this story 🥴

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2 years ago

Well-known yung Nanay ko as the best rapper in our place. She always nags in a loudspeaker mode haha.

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2 years ago

HAHAHAHA kahit nakakainis to tuwing umaga namimiss ko na sermon ng mama ko :(

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