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Crude oil Future heading to new multi year low next week

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1 year ago

How we are anticipating the biggest market in the world. Oil market offers lot of opportunity as it is one of the commodity that always remain in future because of its supply and demand.

Oil has suffer biggest decline in demand since 2009 Crisis amid Coronovirus Threat

I'm hereby would like to draw attention to traders which loves to trade Crude oil or even want to make a living trading just only Crude (Thats what I'm doing since last 5 years of so. ) I usually take couple of trades on average in Crude in a month and make a good profit with it .

My bet on crude would be from 53.40 level to 47.00 level in coming weeks and months. Strategy would be shoring oil from 53.42 & putting stops just above 54.00 critical level & taking profit partially on 49.30 level and rest on 47.40 level.

Stay tuned for more Classic Crude Trade because that what I like !!

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To be honest, I am not following the situation with oil, but, of course, I know how important oil is for all of us. We all know that the world would stop without the oil. In my opinion, people should find the alternatives for the oil as soon as possible, because one day, we will spend all the oil that exists on the Earth, and if we do not find alternatives before that moment we will have very serious problems. Weh I say 'we', i mean human race.

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5 months ago

That post was posted six months ago when oil was trading at $60/ barrel and it has gone to -40 dollars & Now back up to 40. I will post my chart again when oil start rallying upwards again to $64 and more.

It would be good if we use all the oil reserves. atleast we will have pollution free

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5 months ago