The privacy coin market, fast, and low cost

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In the twilight veil that covers the crypto market, especially the two coins with the largest market, which are still in the void zone, it seems that the main coins with privacy mechanisms, speed, and low fees are still the choices for traders and investors as a choice of hope that can be hoped for in times of darkness this.

Monero, BitcoinCash, Dash, and Litecoin still provide a green tint against the red that is currently engulfing most other coins and tokens.

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Maybe this is just talking maybe from a glance without analysis that can be taken or as a reference, traders and investors seem to be very careful treading the bad possibilities that will occur at the end of this year. Moreover, faced with the ongoing situation of the world cup and soon welcome Christmas and the new year later. Where sufficient funds are needed to be able to experience these two celebrations in conditions that can bring a happy atmosphere, of course not an atmosphere of sadness due to bad economic conditions or losses from the expected investment.

The tragedy that hit FTX was indeed the deepest sharp stab after being hit by multiple cuts and other punctures that occurred in the previous months of this year. Unresolved problems that once hit were even hit by a fierce storm again. So many are afraid and speculate about the presence of even more devastating tsunami storms in the future.

The privacy coin market, fast, and low cost is the condition of the right choice among markets that use a long-term system or difficult to withdraw existing funds. In this condition, many are also very careful about using existing exchanges. Security and prudence are very much felt, and that is a difficult time for new projects that have been present or will be present, of course. Or maybe it is also an excellent choice for gambling business people in the midst of celebrating the ongoing World Cup (it is a shame if this is true, because looking at the world's declining economic conditions, they expect and use gambling as a reference).

The shadows of fear are so very difficult to move to be replaced by the shade of a glimmer of light that exists. But at least some of the light that gives this brightness shows the conditions for how crypto develops and exists. What is crypto present and created for? It turns out that in fact the language of privacy, speed, security, and low cost turns out to be a problem of how conditions of exchange are needed. Peer-to-peer electronic cash is indeed the main benchmark as a reference, not just the amount of value or the basis for Keipto's choice as a mere asset.

Awareness of human nature and patterns. Where a gloomy state will be aware and in a happy state it is easy to forget. The worst among the worst is for those who still think or have thoughts that still take advantage of difficult times, not thinking about how to create or save the bad conditions they face.

Economics and finance, are separate but united. Winding and full of branches that end in dead ends like dry branches among lush branches. Some are easily broken and some are sturdy even though they are wrapped in small stems.


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So, is there any good possibilities of going up for BCH in the last of the year? Or just drowning down again after little ups! Well, whatever it is going to be I am curiously holding all the assets!

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