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One day there lived a man who lived only with his wife, the man named Reza. One day when Reza was walking home he saw a little cat stranded on the street. Immediately Reza approached the poor cat and took him home, when he got home, Reza's wife named Lala opened the door. When Lala opened the door and saw her husband carrying the poor cat, Lala's feelings became bad. The next day Reza purposely did not work just to treat the poor cat, seeing Reza did not work Lala was angry with her husband and said;

Lala: "Why you don't work?"

Reza: "I purposely don't work today, just wanna treat this poor cat."

Lala: "If you don't work today, how we can eat?"

Reza: "There is still cassava behind, we can eat that cassava is it."

Lala: "This is silly and all because of that unlucky cat" with a very angry tone

Reza: "Hey, why you talking like that. This cat is also God's creation." in an angry tone.


One day when Reza wanted to buy something the cat shop meowed, then Reza said

Reza: "Why does the cat keep meowing?" he asked

It turns out that the cat's meaning to meow is that there will be guests who will come to Reza's house.

Feeling annoyed that the cat came to the shop Reza was aiming for, it turned out that the cat did not find Reza, the cat only found his slippers, because he felt hurt that he didn't hear Reza, finally, the cat took one of Reza's slippers. When Reza was about to go home he was surprised and said,

Reza: "Why are my slippers not there?" amazed

then Reza came home with just one of half he's slipper. When he got home it turned out that the slippers were already in the front yard of the house and there was a cat bite, Reza then realized why this cat took his slippers, maybe he was hurt because he was meowing earlier but Reza didn't hear it.

The next day Lala walked to the market but her pet cat followed her, when she got to the market she was constantly stared at by people in the market with a strange look. When he arrived at the greengrocer, the vegetable vendor said to Lala

The greengrocer: "Is that your Cat?" amazed

Lala: "I don't know." with shame

Hearing Lala's words, the cat left because of heartache.

At the moment when she got home, Reza said to his wife.

Reza: "Where the cat, why I didn’t see him earlier. Do you see?

Lala: "I don't know where your cat is." while hiding something.

Reza keeps looking for his cat. Day by day. And it's been a week but never finds it.

Because of despair, Reza continues to be sad every day because the cat he loves has gone somewhere.

Seeing that her husband's condition continues to worsen, Lala tries to be honest with Reza.

Lala: "Sorry, I actually know where the cat is?"

Reza: "Where is he?" with teary eyes

Lala: “A few days ago, went I go to the market, I been followed by your beloved cat, when I was buying vegetables, suddenly the greengrocer ask to me, she asked about the owner of the cat, then I said I don't know who’s the owner.

Reza: "So you don't consider that cat?" with angry

Lala: “I feel embarrassed because, in the market, many people look at me with strange eyes.

While they were talking, they heard the sound of a cat sound from outside the house. They quickly got outside and seeing the cat's meowing sound was from Reza cat. Seeing the cat Lala with feeling guiltily apologized to the cat and Reza advised his wife not to do like what she had done.

Finally, they all become a happy family even though Reza and Lala do not have children, because the presence of the cat is enough to treat their feelings of having children.

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