Strange for waiting

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1 year ago

We felt strange and did not want to know that the night is more beautiful than the blue sky which is sometimes blocked by white clouds. And they just laugh, and actually, they don't care what we want to say.

For them, they like the blue color of the sky because it is wide and high, the beauty of freedom, and a reality that cannot be avoided.

For us, we love the sparkling color of the sky at night because of its beauty, full of serenity, peace, and the absence of hypocrisy.

We had time to accompany them to enjoy the night. The cup of coffee they serve we ignore. Because busy with writing word for word on small notes that we always carry at night painted in the sky.

We never allow them to read them. Because when the pages in the booklet have been filled, we will read it over and over again by ourselves, and it will be kept as a memory of beautiful notes with the night.

Every time the night passes they do not know. We often choose to look up at the dark starry sky, while busy fixing the words written the night before. Although that small note is sometimes filled by us only half. We wait for them to let them read the little note.

Why just talk about the night, which collects stories about the beauty of the night and will always be created. Isn't it that sometimes

the night is hidden by the rain. But that doesn't mean we stop writing at night. And indeed we have been waiting for them for a long time when the chatter of birds chirping in the morning welcomes the day.

Hoping that the night will always come back?

We will never be satisfied, right?

Their questions stop us slowly. Take a deep breath. Arrange our smiles with them.

This is the perfection of life.


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Its nice to watch the stars above and drink a cup of coffee .. Its make me relax..

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1 year ago

Yup the night is pure and starry. There are lots of stories that are going in us while having sight of night sky.

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1 year ago

Time teaches us one thing- be patient in waiting.

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1 year ago

Nights are always serene and calm to retain our smile.

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1 year ago