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Space to pause

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1 month ago

Much bigger. The two vocabularies that left me stunned for so long were unusually able to provoke me to write down everything about what I wanted to write in every word that I would use as a guide for my writing. Imprisoned in a lump of various kinds of things that so many can be used as a discussion for these two words. So that in the end we can only respond and clearly draw on the process that is happening in the early hours of this morning.

I don't know why these two vocabularies are so fixated, amazed that so many things can be described or made into various things that want to be easily appointed as writing material. Maybe because there are too many, so it's difficult to decide on the topic to be discussed regarding the two vocabularies, or maybe because it has so many meanings. So that it presents a sense of confusion that is so big and takes so long to be presented as a writing of the two words as free writing that you want to make.

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Talking about things or forms, of course, the composition of the two vocabularies is very broad. Just look at it, it can be juxtaposed with the meaning of the greatness of the Creator, or the greatness of love for nature, or a description of the magnitude of crypto adoption to date, it can even be related to how much higher inflation will occur in 2022. However, choosing one of them cannot be solved easily as imagined at this time.

In the end, I could only stare and think about the conditions that occurred when I wanted to use these two vocabularies. It becomes a space to pause about the meaning of the presence of these two vocabularies which occurred in the early hours of this morning. The focus is indeed divided because there are so many things that can be expressed that it actually creates a limitation of reason to choose which one to write. Creating a space between thoughts and images that will be issued and developed in a writing.

If I take a certain source, it will be easier it seems. However, if I think about it, there have been many who have written and adapted articles about various things they want to bring up related to the word "much bigger". But, it could be a limitation that is usually said because of the existence of the mood, the actual condition of the self is not in a good condition. Unfortunately, that's an excuse that only creates a sense of laziness, and can result in not realizing your own abilities. So I think it's better to just tell about what actually happened, after all, I can still carry the two vocabularies with my writing even though I'm full of doubts.

As for the ending, I still don't know what is suitable as a conclusion and closing this time. Because confusion and doubts still hit and thoughts with desires still collide with one another.


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Written by   717
1 month ago
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