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The needs of life are certainly diverse, for hegemonists it will definitely be very different from economic people. It's not because of the circumstances, facilities, or wealth of someone who actually created the difference. But the pattern of habits, lifestyle, and basic traits that a person who lives it has.

If you look at it in general, the rich will seem to have large expenses, of course. And the ordinary will spend less than the rich.

If taken in terms of calculations in normality outside the existence of lifestyle problems or patterns, it will be said to be reasonable. Because the expenses that become obligations are already different. Because it's very real what the difference says in terms of the situation. However, if taken from one side only lifestyle problems, it will be seen which word reasonableness is the word impose.

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This is not coercion and coercion. Rather, it imposes the will even though the situation falls into the category of the rich, especially for the ordinary. Can lifestyle be included in an obligation in life? To think about it from all sides, the answer is definitely no.

The question becomes, why can there also be lifestyle problems? Why is this a problem, an assessment, or a guideline?

If you look for an answer, you will definitely answer something that surely everyone knows and agrees on the answer. And if it is explored in depth, it will be full of injustice, as well as the reality that has been present and created by man himself. There is no need to be clear about the answer to why, isn't it commonplace and without realizing it if you are able or not the desire to follow the circumstances or the word lifestyle actually also applies to everyone who exists. It is only because of conditions, or consciousness, that it is able to realize and dampen it, that it can be said to be different.

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Nations, tribes, and societies are part of shaping a pattern of diversity and plurality of conditions and habits for everything that prevails from the issue of the cost of living. It will not be able to be said to be the same as a whole, because it is definitely different. And from that level, existence is created that is actually a benchmark and a view.

Europa, Asia, America, Africa, and Oceania are mappings of the word continent that are included in the scope of its section. Placing the origin of each nation or tribe on diminished boundaries to explain and facilitate the networks that prevail in life and know where they came from. This is where much is gained about the types of differences that come from and also creates a plurality that ultimately aims to be learned and understood. Like language, customs also become the structure of the high value of the knowledge gained. Creating what is said is a pattern of life that ends up being said to be a social and social life.

This in conclusion also produces the value of the variety of social affairs. From this, the variety is narrowed down to distinguish the origin of where a person's condition comes from, and finally gives birth to a lifestyle that is seen as a point of view of life said to be good and correct. Which initially aimed positively for a better life in society in terms of health, economy, education, and also diversity. Unfortunately, not all are accepted with the same norms and acceptable sense, the lack of morals and ethics further clarifies the birth of a lifestyle whose good purpose becomes one-sided for some who feel better than they are. And what's more unfortunate is that for some reason this is the basic benchmark for some people to say honorable or best. Hanging and continuing to take root without being weary undermines the noble cause expected at the beginning of its formation by this compound social life.


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