Genetically modified organisms

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Genetically modified organisms ( GMO ) which can be interpreted in simple language by modifying the DNA of living things using genetic technology. It sounds very scary at first glance from its meaning, but it turns out who would have thought there were many positive things from the existence of the application of Genetically modified organisms? Where most commonly today we can find it in the application to meet food needs in several developed countries that have implemented the use of these GMOs.

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The existence of food that is experiencing obstacles from pests or diseases can be avoided by the presence of Genetically modified organisms which can be found in food conditions such as soybeans, corn, cotton, tomatoes, and others. With the presence of GMO seeds used in food conditions where there are other positive things, they can increase growth (faster, bigger, or more), increase the nutrients contained, maintain sustainability, and resistance to pests, and also make harvesting easier.

On a broader scale, scientists are trying to create crops that are more resistant to climate change by making them more adaptable to extreme weather and different soil conditions, where the clear goal is for people to no longer have to worry about an inadequate food supply. threatened with crop failure.

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Especially if we talk about climate change. In the future, it is hoped that the formation of Genetically modified organisms and plants will not only reduce the impact of the agricultural industry on the environment but also actively protect it. Scientists are also currently designing plants that can "take" nitrogen from the air, similar to some types of microorganisms.

Nitrogen is the most commonly used fertilizer in agriculture, but its massive use pollutes groundwater and accelerates climate change. With plants that can take their own nitrogen from the air, of course, it can solve two problems at once. With another hope is that can create plants that can take carbon into the air so that they can slow down to prevent climate change which is increasingly threatening every day.

Given the conditions under which Genetically modified organisms exist, is this a problem with fear of genetic engineering living things? If you look at the negative side of language, it will look negative. However, if it is digested and realized in a mindset that the condition of God's existence provides common sense and is used for good, it will actually bring benefits to humans themselves. This is where human awareness is needed for the condition of everything that is present as a new thing from the existence of science being studied for good, not for evil or for the benefit of a party.


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Everything even food we need seems to be just a business... and many natural ways to produce efficiently are not developed, seeds must be only the big companies seeds, more difficulties, regulations and taxes to the small producers, etc...

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One day the world will tell us: I've had enough, find somewhere else to live!

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