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Lately, it seems that I still enjoy writing about problems that can be said many times and maybe can make it boring, it's about an economy that is swinging to the right and swinging to the left. So it seems that if it is written down, it can at least be taken as a step to introduce crypto as an alternative choice to answer the problems that have occurred recently in global economic conditions.

So it seems to me personally that it is the right moment to give adoption in order to encourage more massive use of crypto in the daily life of the general public to try using crypto as an option as a means of payment.

However, according to the title, I just want to convey something fun without wanting to discuss differences in views, problems, or shortcomings in the condition of one of the existing cryptocurrencies. So please understand, if you are not in line or expect to find a fault or dispute it seems to stop to continue reading my writing this time. I'm afraid it will only add to your frustration.

Besides that, I also briefly said why I said fun fact, because of this fact what I really experienced was not just raising the name of bitcoincash, once again I say, no. What I get is actually what I use as bitcoincash as a means of payment like any other currency.

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Okay, let's talk about the fun facts about BitcoinCash in the hope that it can bring a good response and increase the adoption of crypto in general. For those who already know it may be normal but hopefully it can also be read by people who are not familiar with bitcoincash in reality.

  • The first fun fact is if you use bitcoincash as a means of payment, it is easy to find a merchant that supports the use of bitcoincash as a means of payment. Why it is included in the first fun fact is the fact that indeed as a p2p electronic cash bitcoincash system will be easily found anywhere as a means of payment when you are traveling around the world.

  • In the second fun fact that will be felt pleasure is the problem of cheap ecosystem costs. The concept of low fees without the frills of existing problems such as banking has so far been answered in the bitcoincash ecosystem with tangible evidence and honestly indeed pleases every user who uses bitcoincash as a means of payment or an option to send money to someone near or far away.

  • The third fun fact is speed. If you have tried using bitcoincash as a means of payment, you will be able to feel the speed of quick as hiccup transactions. Haven't had time to hiccup your transaction has arrived at its destination.

  • The fourth fun fact is the issue of fun in the ecosystem built by the bitcoincash community. Where to support each other, help, and raise the name bitcoincash itself feels more like family. Where there is no gap between the rich and the poor, and there is no mutual dropping of one another. Even if there are, it may be due to internal problems and usually quickly resolved, because they are still based on a single community unit itself.

  • The fifth pleasure which is included in the fun fact category itself is the opportunity to build a project for the bitcoincash community itself in a container that has been prepared for anyone who has a project, or an idea whose purpose is useful for the advancement of the bitcoincash ecosystem in essence. Such as the existence of a flip starter and the existence of a smartbch that has been running until now.

Maybe only five fun facts that I can write in my writing this time. And maybe it's actually too commonplace for readers who have long used or become an integral part of the bitcoincash community itself. If there are additions that you want to add, I hope to be added in the comments column later and hopefully, it can also be a reference for readers who are new to the existence of the bitcoincash ecosystem so far so that it can encourage wider adoption of bitcoincash in the end.


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Low fees and speed, those facts are necessary to become a great crypto, hope BCH will have a very promising future, and that's good for all of us!

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