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Donut for Heaven -02-

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Written by Β Β 482
1 month ago


"Dad, Mom .." Rana's heart screams unstoppable, even Rana actually feels more pain than what we hear and feel. A few seconds later Rana woke up from the pain that he had to continue the struggle to work as a porter for mothers who had shopped at the market. Rana's abstinence to beg, for him his pride must still be maintained no matter how bitter life is. I don't know who came and taught that noble principle.

"Hey, can you please take my groceries to the car over there!" A beautiful woman, handed several large bags containing various kinds of food to Rana while pointing at a black car,

"Oh, it's my pleasure, ma'am," said Rana happily, because he is an expert in the field of lifting goods.

"You have a lot of groceries, ma'am" Rana tried to say while lifting large bags one by one into the trunk of an old car, the beautiful mother smiled kindly, it seemed she didn't mind Rana's question.

"This is for tomorrow, my son has a birthday tomorrow, so I want to make a small thanksgiving," again Rana's heart was sliced ​​with that short sentence. Mother! one word that Rana often says and hears but still feels bland to him, armed with faith in Uncle, the only source of information he trusts in this world, Rana's mother died when giving birth to Rani 9 years ago, her mother could not bear the pain of childbirth who was only assisted by traditional birth attendants with makeshift equipment, at that time Rana was only 2.5 years old, he did not remember anything about the incident.

"This is for you, thank you." The beautiful mother held out 2 thousand notes. Rana's hand immediately greeted him, there was a sense of relief in his heart, at least today he could buy a pack of rice, just looking for extra money for the side dishes. One or two mothers started calling him, today seems like a day full of bitterness but also makes Rana's pockets full, after counting from this afternoon until now at half-past six in the afternoon, Rana has pocketed almost 7 thousand, for Rana this amount of money which is very much, because Rana and his sister can eat their fill. Rana rarely gets this amount of money, usually, Rana works all day against the hot sun and rain and can only bring 3 to 4 thousand cash, only enough to buy rice and tofu. With pride, Rana rushes to go home, can't wait to see a ripe face that will surely be happy too.

The road to his cardboard house seemed deserted, the sound of black crickets began to sound loud, Rana was like a very nimble snake passing one by one the narrow alley he passed every day, the smell of fishy and garbage became a daily sight, his nose was used to smelling everything disgusting for most people. Caterpillars, flies, fleas, maggots, cats, dogs, and other wild animals have become friends with Rana, this is a life that must be lived by him, like it or not, whether you like it or not, you have to like it. There is no choice for him but to remain grateful for everything that is in him. Rana walked leisurely on a muddy straight road, arrived at a crossroads, the night wind started to get strong, the hair on his neck started to stand up, it felt like something was wrong with this situation, it was true, right 2 meters in front of him appeared someone he really hated for a long time. This, who else if not Bang Sotam, the person who threatened him this afternoon, Sotam's memory is indeed very strong, he is right on his promise when dealing with blackmailing other people.

"Where's your promise this afternoon?" his ruthless eyes began to act, his strong hands stretched out in front of him preparing to take the spoils. Rana really could not understand, his happiness did not want to be snatched away. The shutter started to think, one second, two seconds, and...

"This, look, my money is a little more than usual, I thought meeting you was something that would bring disaster for me, but no, I was wrong, I believe, our meeting this afternoon brought good luck to me, God heard my prayer so that I can get this much money, but Bang, you know my sister, she has been sick for a few days, I want to buy her medicine, medicine that is only happiness can give her a small gift. But really, if you want to take all of this, take it..” Rana's hand moved the small loose change in Bang Sotam's hand, resigned, hoping that his surrender would bring a better fate. Bang Sotam's cruel gaze turned cold, silent for a while, it seemed that Bang Sotam was remembering something.

" Never mind forget it…"

Bang Sotam left without permission, the change returned to Rana's hands, Rana was embarrassed, couldn't believe the attitude of Bang Sotam who apparently still had a heart too. Bang Sotam's shadow is disappearing from Rana's gaze, this is a miracle!! Rana's wobbly body returned to continue the journey.

The moon at the end of the horizon looks beautiful with its elegance showing simplicity. Simplicity as it is, like Rani who is busy folding used plastic to re-sell at her regular junkyard, look at Rani's face, her strokes indicate that she is tired of all this, the pitiful face of a little girl who wants to be stroked by her parents, but look at the smile the sweetness that radiated from his lips, the sincere smile of a friend, occasionally he looked at his brother who was no less busy with several piles of cardboard for him to deposit the next morning to a cardboard Fleeman at Main Market Intersection,

"Brother.." Rani broke the silence,

"Yes, my dear .." That call! That's called what Rani likes the most from Rana.

"Can I ask you something?" Rani was afraid to say the word, Rana seemed to knit an eyebrow, maybe not used to this.

"God never forbids His servants to ask, even for street children like us, especially from you sis, it's impossible for you to forbid something you want, as long as it's good for you" Rana smiled maturely, very mature, he did look more mature than his age, his hard life has taught him to become a stronger person, a person who must give full protection to Rani.

"Now it's fine, Sis, you're not afraid anymore, it seems, because you're now back healthy and cheerful, okay, your big brother will do anything to make all your wishes come true" hearing those words, Rani was getting excited to express her wish.

"I.." was silent...

"What?" Rana tries to tease her...

"It's not important, but I want to feel it"

" So what?" Rana is getting curious

"I want to taste delicious donuts, I often see rich people's kids eat donuts of various flavors, they look happy, the donuts are soft, big, it has lots of cute decorations on it, red, green, yellow, beautiful, it looks like delicious, just once.." Rani's round eyes lit up, her expression pleaded with hope, shy but very willing, Rani couldn't wait to hear an answer from Rana. On the other hand, Rana's expression is a little stiff, he knows that in this case Rani really wants him, which is very trivial for people who have a lot of money, but not for them. Just to buy a piece of donut it feels good they have to sacrifice their food rations for days. Rana smiled and nodded. Rani breathed a sigh of relief, she felt very happy. Of course, Rana doesn't have the heart to refuse Rani's request, Rana thinks hard, how can he buy that delicious Donut.

"What's the name of the donut, sir? Dunkin Donuts.” Rana spelled out a word that he had just heard from Mang Iqbal, while sending used boxes that he had collected last night, Rana secretly asked for information about donuts which he said were very tasty.

"That's Dunkin Donut, Mang Iqbal often sees rich people buying the donuts, the place is near the roadblock, there is a big building that says Dunkin Donut, what strange writing. Just try to find it there.” Mang Iqbal seemed enthusiastic in providing the information. Likewise with Rana, hearing the strange name, Rana already guessed that the price of the donuts must be very expensive, fortunately, he still has a little savings, but definitely not enough. Therefore, today Rana will work desperately to get a lot of money, Donut named Dunkin Donut, is always in Rana's mind. Rana worked all day long, even until 9 o'clock at night, his body seemed to be crushed, his eyes began to disperse, but not for his spirit. . The money has been collected, hopefully, the shop hasn't closed yet, half running Rana approached the shop, it was true that the price was very expensive. The savings money and the results of his work today were gone with just a piece of this delicious donut, but that's okay, Rana is sincere, this is all for Rani.

"Sister, wake up, I'm back, take a look at this" Rana can't wait to see Rani's happiness eating Donut which is now in her hands.

"Rani .." once again Rana moved Rani's body which lay limp. Rani's eyes slowly opened, wistful, Rani's face was not usually like this. Rana's heart began to feel a worry that was not so clear

"This is Rani's donut, you must be happy, come here, Sis help to sit" Rani smiles, she doesn't say a word, Rana helps her to sit down, and little by little feeds Rani with a piece of her dream donut.

β€œ How, delicious? I love you Rani” God, what is this, why suddenly did Rana want to cry, he saw his sister smiling sincerely, her mouth started to open to say something. But it felt like he was in pain.

"My Brother, Rani also loves you, Brother, thank you for everything, this Donut, it's delicious, may your kindness be rewarded with HEAVEN" Rani closed her eyes for good, lightning thundered across the earth. Lord!! there was a child who was going to heaven who was crying alone that night, Rana wept for his sister's departure. It turns out that this Donut is for Heaven, a sincere prayer from little Rani.


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Written by Β Β 482
1 month ago
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Oh my God! How sad...Good thing this isn't a real story. The brother was getting food for his sister. People! Be kind to each other and then there won't be any sad stories like this.

$ 0.05
1 month ago

The story went on so well. But the end was a bit touching. A brother's struggle to get a donut for his little sis. Nice read.

$ 0.05
1 month ago

This story got me really emotional. That part where she asked for the donut was so cute, but sadly she had to return to her maker

$ 0.05
1 month ago

Oww another sad story found. I found my evening sad why? It hurts me, many can relate to this, and I know many of our read cash family will be sorry for this two kids. Hayst

$ 0.05
1 month ago

this one mad me sad. Comparing with the first part, it hurts more.

$ 0.05
1 month ago

What a sad story. So touching. A story feeles with love, suspense and sorrow. I enjoyed the part 1 too.

$ 0.05
1 month ago

My heart was broken for these two children, it was very sad, what a bitter story πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“ thank you for writing about these lives, maybe someone see and read somewhere and wake up to help these poor people... 😞

$ 0.05
1 month ago