Don't Persecute Yourself

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One thing that we sometimes forget or do not realize the phenomenon is that our body also needs attention. Attention to note about the intake of food, nutrition and vitamin problems. And not only that, our body also needs refreshing words such as rest to be able to optimize ourselves to do things when we are awake.

From the understanding of the meaning of the title that I took for writing this article. The problem of self -harm. It will not discuss the issue of physical abuse only. But in terms of paying attention to the need for self -condition to be able to function properly and not make the body eventually fall ill.

This issue wants to be discussed because of the events in the last 2 weeks that are finally experienced. And it made me realize that we sometimes push ourselves too hard to do everything that can actually be said to be excessive and forget the state of self -power.

If discussing this issue means in essence indicated on the problem of patterns will be our habits of doing as well as our daily activity habits. In terms of patterns of rest, eating, working, and so on. Sometimes we overburden ourselves with conditions of need that are sometimes not so important or worth taking. And sometimes we easily forget the conditions of self -limitation that eventually force us to do work beyond our ability. It is not a problem of not being able to work but forgetting problems such as time and giving an understanding of one's needs while working.

Work is an activity that becomes one of the criteria for activities that really consume a lot of energy, time and thought. Because of work, sometimes many people forget about their condition. Not saying not strong the word incapable. But forget about good intake conditions when we work.

As a real example, most people forget to eat when they are busy working and are only filled with drinks in the form of coffee or tea that is too much. On the other hand, we often forget the problem of time about rest. Where when we are busy working or cool or in a hurry, things to rest are easily ignored so that we experience fatigue which in turn makes our body can be affected by disease

Indeed, work is an activity that is a top priority for the word in life. Because everything depends on decisive effort. And work is something that can meet the need factor. However, if we focus too much on work problems, we just forget about the condition of the self that the self also needs refreshing time. Refreshing may be categorized the same as resting but outside of sleep activities. Where to do refreshing activities for yourself as a satiety remover, looking for peace, exercising, and looking for a new atmosphere. So that our minds and bodies can assume something new in life.

So pay attention to yourself so as not to hurt yourself even though there are many basic things that are actually common but unfortunately easily ignored by everyone. Sometimes more important things can actually be fatal in the end. Fatigue, anemia, pain, and anything else.

So start for us so that we do not forget our condition. Do not persecute ourselves with obligations that ultimately make our condition sick. Because taking care of yourself is also an important thing to be able to continue to live life well and correctly. Everything is for ourselves so that we can give good work results in the end for ourselves. Why work brutally but in the end the result is only for treatment. It's a pity it's not.

Love ourselves because how healthy it is is so precious. And never forget that our body also pays important attention to everything.

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Self-care is self-love. Loving oneselves is the only gift we can give to ourselves. We need to be conscious with our self well-being so that we can be able to extend the good feeling to other people.

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2 years ago

Indeed! Taking care of ourselves should also be our top priority. Thanks for the reminder. 😉

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2 years ago