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The formation of such a large and dense network, of course, will require management that manages it well, properly, and reliably, and also does not forget the problem of speed accompanied by accuracy. Solutions that have occurred and are commonly used certainly lead to a centralized pattern. And its application is very often found with the one-goal method detailed in the centralized method.

Unfortunately, the centralization method, which has been used for a long time and can be said to be commonly used, has encountered many obstacles, where the goals that should have been expected have experienced many problems. Like the problem of time efficiency, cost, speed, and also the accuracy of the goal and time.

Not to mention other problems that are very big problems for consumers and users. Where data security and trust are the factors that are widely misused in conditions that use centralization.

So the hope that arises from the existing problems is to be able to answer the problem. In terms of the priority of the existing problems, the presence of language manners is very much needed and the condition of freedom is highly expected.

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Decentralization is the answer to the failures that occur in a centralized system. At this point, decentralization emerges with the existence of a blockchain system in cryptocurrency. Crypto was created tries to answer the need for decentralization problems used in networks in the form of chains that are intertwined in the scope of the blockchain space that can never be changed or destroyed. Provide a conclusion on the issue of trust and confidence in the issue of security.

As the crypto world continues to develop, which is built in a blockchain space system, the decentralization that is expected in a language manner can finally be realized. Where speed, accuracy, security, privacy, reliability, and cost issues can be realized. Not to mention that the presence of a decentralized manner network system makes the value of existing crypto have a value that can be expected according to the needs and market movements that occur.

However, outside of the problem of success, there are still obstacles in it, but at least not as big and as bad as the one in the centralization space that has been used so far. Repairs and searches for every problem are open sources that provide opportunities and trust in the public sphere based on the spirit of the formation of the decentralized space earlier. So with the presence of the value of openness for space and greatness that aims at freedom in a safe space, it can create comfort and hope for a good manner in the end. Because the goal departs from the same problem and was born for the common good.

Awareness is expected to slowly grow and grow to form an output that is difficult to contain later. But still in her manners of decency and the value of truth that exists. So that the decentralization manner can be realized consistently and evenly in the end.


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Let's revolutionize this, decentralized economy and payments. What an advance tech for everyone that can transact anywhere.

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The decentralized computing infrastructure has yet to be standardized into an evenly adaptable model for the mainstream world.

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