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Humans have a reason, then they have opinions. And in its presence, the opinion formation of thought will vary from one another. If there is an opinion, can it be used as a single thought? Of course not, because if we talk about thoughts, they will definitely be much different, even if you have one opinion. So that the final goal of the word agreement was born which was taken on the basis of a unified opinion.

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My opinion with yours may be the same, but the steps to take action will certainly lead to different ways. Then my opinion with your opinion may be different, but the steps to take action can be said to be the same. These two things are because they come from a thought where it applies based on conditions, situations, and also the existence of an area/place that applies.

Above is an argument and an example between thoughts and opinions. So can an opinion come from the opinion itself?

Obviously, it can, because it explains formation rather than opinion. Where opinions can be created because of a thought, so there will be a mission, vision, and purpose.

If a concept is taken in the language of the mindset, then how broad that opinion is if it is described as a form of wordplay. Can trap, can also deceive the power of every thought that exists. Because this is based on the tendency to influence and influence an attitude, or based on a person's level of confidence in himself.

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From this, an opinion is formed from the condition of the problem of a person's nature. There are those who say that people with strong convictions will also hold their opinions, and people with weak convictions will easily be carried away by the formation of their opinions. And this is true, even though opinions are only decisions that are based on the formation of each individual, not on the basis of groups. Because group decisions are made on the basis of an agreement.

Confusing isn't it (or I'm just confused myself ), even though it's only from one word of opinion. Stuck for me in the opinion of the word opinion. Maybe that's the reality of the actual condition of the word opinion, so the meaning is taken only as an opinion, not a decision. As with color, an opinion may be more accurately equated with the condition of gray. The combination of white and black, so it can also be interpreted as good and bad combined in it.

And in the end, it can be said that the name is also an opinion, so it's free, isn't it. Everyone has the right to their own opinion. Not bound and not tied to one another. If it is bound, it means to influence, not opinion, because opinion has freedom of thought. And what is clear is that humans really like to play with words.


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Your thinking style is much improved which makes sense through your article.

Thoughts and opinions are used in different senses.

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😂 @LinuxWHR

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Opinion come from opinion itself.. This phrase of answer were so amazing. Damn man you've know a lot

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