Chronic disease

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Usually, chronic diseases are caused by symptoms that are treated too late or have never been treated so once they are detected they are said to be chronic diseases or diseases that are already severe and may be difficult to cure.

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And the same thing happened on the financial side of the problem of the state of the world's economic problems. Where the current world economic conditions can be said to be in chronic condition.

But there is little difference between the real existence of chronic diseases and the chronic problems of the global economy. What is clear is that the problems of the world economy were known before this problem emerged, but it was deliberately left unchecked and even created that way to meet the needs of the existing world economic conglomerates.

The banking world, without exception, has clearly been misled and it will clearly have a bad impact on the implementation side and the interest problems that are created. I don't know why the value of this biggest problem actually becomes a useful condition for people who don't have the meaning of humanity and the order of life.

Why is it said without exception, to just look at the development of cryptocurrency at the end that has happened to this moment? Instead of fixing or fighting for the existence of human financial problems from the monopoly system, the reality still ends in the snares of the eternal power of those who control the economy again.

The world is already filled with people of bad caliber with the worst chronic traits. In the end the real answer to healing is to scorch the existence of these people to be able to start the necessary steps to reform the expected global economic conditions.


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