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In the Bitcoin Cash Universe, which is bridged by SmartBCH with its SEP20 Token, has now created a decentralized exchange presence that has made it easier for loyal communities to easily participate, own, and learn about the existence of smart contracts, bridges, and decentralization in an independent blockchain ecosystem.

Bitcoin Cash Universe now has 7 large DEXs that can bridge between exchanges, liquidations, and farming in the SmartBCH ecosystem, such as:


CoinFlex with its flexUSD which is in the SmartBCH ecosystem is one of the tokens that is becoming dominant today as a token that occupies order by liquidity.


As the pioneer of the first decentralized exchange in the SmartBCH ecosystem, Benswap can occupy its position with its EBEN token at 3 by a liqudity position below flexUSD. This gives a little idea that Eben is still one of the most sought-after tokens and a choice that can be trusted by the Bitcoin Cash community as well as other users who play in the BitcoinCash Universe for now.


Initially, COWSWAP had the one powered by MuesliSwap as one of the third DEXs present in the SmartBCH ecosystem. Although currently, the MIlk token is in position 31 by liquidity, COWSWAP is a place that can be chosen as a place to exchange, farm, or create tokens in SmartBCH.


It is one of the big DEXs that comes with its LAW token. Where Blockng offers more variety in the SmartBCH ecosystem, not only as an exchange but also offers NFT in the SmartBCH blockchain. Currently LAW token puts its position at 6 in liquidity according to reports.


Just like any other DEX, MistSwap offers exchanges, farms, and bridges within the SmartBCH ecosystem. Placing its MIsttoken at position 4 in liquidity based on the report at the time of this writing.


One of the DEX that can be said to be new but not too new in the SmartBCH ecosystem. TangoSwap is the work of one of the developers in the BitcoinCash ecosystem, KNUTH. Comes with the KTH token at its initial launch, and eventually creates a DEX with its TANGO token which is at 5 by liquidity according to the report at the time of this writing.


And this is one that is predicted to be big in the SmartBCH ecosystem, which comes from a developer who has long played in the crypto world and is also one of the largest online wallets in the crypto world, namely Which will bring the existence of a larger multichain later.

From the existence of 7 large DEXs that have been present in the SmartBCH ecosystem, the Bitcoin Cash universe also comes with various other things such as marketcap,, cash accounts. Meanwhile, in the NFT world, there has been the presence of OASIS which is one of the large NFT markets in the Bitcoin Cash and SmartBCH ecosystems. Without forgetting the existence of other markets such as In terms of games like AxieBCH and others. And take forget about the existence of other tokens in the SmartBch network such as Cashcat, Joystick, and many others.

From here it can be seen that the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem will be getting bigger in the future, with the presence of SmartBCH as a Bitcoin Cash bridge with others creating many opportunities for the existence of the crypto and blockchain world until now. With the same motto, prioritizing peer-to-peer electronic systems, security, speed, and being present at a low cost.


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I've been using coinflex and to transfer my bch from bitcoin wallet to any of them then send it to my metamask address, I'm glad that I don't need those complicated stuff just to transfer. I'm also happy that there's a presence of SmartBCH tokens which I can hold and wait for its pump. Truly bch and it's sidechain SmartBCH brings opportunities to everyone.

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2 years ago

hay mucha información smartBCH a seguir leyendo y tratar de aprender un poco cada día, saludos.

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2 years ago

I'm only familiar with Coinflex as I have used that before and is still using since I have some coins I'm holding there. The others I only know by name.

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2 years ago

I used Muesliswap. cash is now CowSwap for buying milk tokens long ago, I bought milk at 0.027$ and sold at 0.059$, which are almost 2X within few days. This was my first trading profit for me in crypto .

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2 years ago