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Bitcoin Cash is a coin that can compete with stable coins and fiat. From the distribution, use, and systematic problematics that exist in the world of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Cash will be the only one that can be used as a guide to move forward to become the choice of the general public to be chosen as a safe point like stable coins. Apart from that, there is a better advantage that users will get, which is that it will be more cost-efficient, and will likely provide better returns than stable coins or fiat.

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Why only Bitcoin Cash, aren't there others like Ripple, Stellar, Dash, Zcash, or Monero, especially fiat?

One side of the problem that can be seen as why Bitcoin Cash is the choice over others is because of the problem factors that exist in other coins. Like Ripple, which has been in trouble with the law, Zcash and Monero have had problems with anonymity or privacy that are used for criminal transactions, while Stellar has not made any interesting progress in its development to compete with current market conditions. For fiat, it's clear too much trouble.


Then there are various assumptions and arguments why this is so? What about the others that are in the top 100 of the current market cap chart? Is this true, is this just an opinion, is this just one-sided, or is this just to get more people interested in using Bitcoin Cash?

One answer is free from the various assumptions that are in your mind and in your mind. This does not lead to an opinion or profit and loss for those who want to assume.


From an economic point of view: Conditions, rules, and systematics in the personal and institutional financial system.

If in terms of Assets: More likely to be long-term conditions, not suitable for short-term.

If from the word Peer to Peer: Easy, cheap, and fast means of payment.

If you are still asking about Network problems: A network that supports development, and progress, according to the current era.

If you look at the Market: The condition of the existence of the market between sellers and buyers, between service providers and services, as well as a benchmark for the existence of the coin in question.

If you are asking about Community problems: Supporters of a project that is carried out.


Excess maybe for some people, not a matter of expensive or cheap. It's not about the brand or not having a brand, it's about the location above or below.

Is it still too much?

If we talk more about going beyond necessity or not, reality or not, usefulness or not, it is possible or not at all.

Just like me and them, them and you. And this is my opinion, and also my view. From an empty brain that is assuming the Bitcoin Cash coin that is currently happening and in the future is likely to happen. Because when it's in the dark, you will appreciate a ray of light.


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Thank you for considering such a very important issue. Your article has no problem with Bitcoin and has compared it with Bitcoin and has compared it with different it with different coin. I know this would be great. This is why I understand the important of Bitcoin very well and compared ti with other coin. In fact, this is exactly what we need, to better understand the benefits we are enjoying, and in the future we will be able to better understand the benefits of Bitcoin.

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After publishing your post BCH price get dumped🥴

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