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An increasingly meaningless currency

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2 months ago

From day to day the value of the currency is increasingly meaningless. As one of the recognized means of exchange, the currency is a source of income for every individual in the world to meet various necessities of life. From basic needs such as clothing and food to material needs as we call property and assets. But unfortunately, the condition of the currency is not proportional to the progress that has occurred and also includes the condition of income that produces individuals who have accumulated with world economic conditions along with their exchange tools.

The currency of the conditional value which is priced based on the capacity of the conditional existence of a nation's economy has suffered many setbacks in terms of value. Its capacity as a recognized currency cannot make it a medium of exchange that can be felt as necessary for the conditions of every era.

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The worse a country's economic conditions can provide world market share that weakens the value of the country's currency affected by its economic conditions. And it gets worse if it happens to many countries that happen and impact world economic conditions. Plus the conditions of the related banking system.

Looking for the main problem with the naked eye, it might be easy to say that everything is caused by conditions that occur, such as wars, epidemics, or symptoms of natural disasters. Then it can also be added from the human condition or the existence of actors who play such as corruption, money laundering, tax evasion, and so on.

However, if it is traced and deeply understood, this problem, which is rough to the eye, is not an easy thing to overcome, especially since it has its roots in its presence from the past to the present. Often we hear the sentence that is rich is getting richer, and if you say it is very flesh and blood and has become an ulcer in the pattern of human life. It is not easy to combat all the bad things in the existing system because there is only one key, namely awareness and human nature itself.

Human fears about currency issues which are used as a medium of exchange are indeed very influential. If only the barter system could be carried out as easily as currency, it might still be conditioned by the fear of not having money. Or if only the existence of a job that produces income is obtained easily, it might cause less anxiety. But what happens is that life is getting more difficult, work is difficult, and currency is difficult to obtain, compounded by its value, the longer it is, the less meaningful it is.

Inflation, stagflation, or recession are words in economics about the decline in the economic problems of a country or the world. Unfortunately, it is only a representative word like a figment so that it is easy to say, not to really be fixed and if possible it won't happen again. But what actually exists is as if it was intentional so that it can happen for the benefit of one party without thinking about the existence of humans living in the world or it's not their own side.

Crowded, complicated, and problematic is the condition of the world economy this year. Destroy all dreams and destroy the various structures of human life that are affected by the game of dirty hands that play their role like the rulers of the world. The madness and bad level of human nature that they have can indeed be said to be the devil's minions created by God as the destroyer of nature and life. Their eyes and ears are indeed closed by the ferocious sheen of the world alone. Mind and heart have become one unit in a vicious circle of whispers.

This is not a narrative or an oration, but an unrevealed fact that can be seen and analyzed. Where the more real the existence of the world will become like ancient times and become clear evidence of the destruction of the world before our eyes.


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Written by   826
2 months ago
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This is true the Way the cost of living is high now, we can't save money is enough for us, the high cost of living now that is why one will say currency is meaningless

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2 months ago

Indeed the meaning of the present has become meaningless. Almost all countries are suffering from this problem. The people of developing countries like us are the most affected.

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2 months ago