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Haven't followed Airdrop for a long time. Indeed, for myself, there are many things about Airdrop that make me lazy to follow it. Because various kinds of things have been felt and passed about the word Airdrop.

Incidentally, this time because it was busy and indeed it was trending for the bitcoin cash community about the existence of SmarthBCH. So in the end try to follow the one that happened to fall on $KTH. One of the tokens that will just be launching soon when I write this article.

It also reads from the writing of the article which is quite clear and trustworthy and the explanation is quite clear from one of the members of the bitcoin cash community. Finally wanted to join in to try the Airdrop again after a long time.

But it's also coincidental because I'm a bit active and still following developments via Twitter, yesterday before it was crowded, I got $KTH first from Knuth's account info directly on Twitter, so I actually got it first.

But what's interesting because it seems to me that this can be better than the existing one so I'm trying to join the Airdrop so I can get additional. (Oops so greedy huh.)

One reason makes sense to me, I feel that tokens from this project can indeed be expected in the future, given the aspect of Knuth's bravery so far in the crypto world in particular.

Back to the title problem that I made, unfortunately why every time there is an Airdrop, it will always be crowded with various things that are not important to happen. Beyond most words and this is how it usually happens.

The problems that arise are questions that have actually been explained and can be found in the dozens of articles that have been written. It's not an excuse for new players or not understanding. But at least even though if we really want to search and want to try it properly and correctly, everything is already there and the information is easy to get.

Sorry, I didn't mean to judge and insult in the context of this time I wrote something like this. But as reference material for me why there are still many happening every time. If you think about it, the benefits or results will not be there in the end if you continue to do things like that. Like the problem of spam, as well as questions that actually already have an explanation.

Not limiting yourself to the problem of being lazy, not understanding, afraid, or being left behind doesn't actually make you panic and there's no benefit. Another thing for those who have made bad things into their work. It comes back to each one.

The goal is all to return actually for yourself and of course expected for many people. There is no perfect word indeed, but there is still a word of maturity and a word of conscience isn't it. Wise and willing to be a little tired to pursue dreams is certainly better than instant but basically destructive.

The condition of the virtual world that is so complex with diversity is contained in the word self-hiding of the word togetherness. Good ideas and projects are expected to be put to good use because they will come back to us later.

It's really inappropriate to talk about this kind of thing. Incidentally, this is the only thing that I want to write about. So let it be. Once again, I just want to say, not judging, this is just a note for myself, and it happens again that my wishes are published so maybe it will be read or not, I don't know.

Yes, that may be the thing that makes art and the current state of the word Airdrop. Like a momentary party that may indeed be rarely found again later. 😊

Note: A Token can be created by anyone. So choose carefully about a future project.

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I still don't do know how this all works, but I can learn and only time will tell.

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