AI, Doge, Electric Car or Affair on Mars

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Doing business and giving a lot of influence to the digital world these days. Moreover, it is getting more and more crowded when participating in promoting one of the meme crypto coins that is quite liked by many people. Who does not know Elon Musk, the billionaire of the century? Which generates a lot of coffers of money from his hard work as a businessman who is quite eccentric and is known by many people.

But the smooth road is certainly not easy to come by. His intelligence, courage, and new ideas are indeed quite astonishing to the world. Many companies or their work can be said to be successful indeed, but it is not comparable and as easy as it seems.

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Recently, many regrettable cases have been brought to the surface. Whether the issue of legitimacy can be trusted or not, the case of infidelity that occurs can be said to have a very bad impact on someone as big as Elon Musk. Very unfortunate, embarrassing, and very disgusting for me personally. Especially if you look at the last case that occurred between Elon Musk and Sergey Brin.

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Two big names in the digital world who are both great. Unfortunately, Elon Musk tarnished his own name with the case of his affair with the wife of an investor in several of his companies. Until this case was revealed, Sergey withdrew all of his investment from the existing Elon Musk company.

Today's Life or gossip. If it's not polished and the more polished it won't get worse, it's not gossip. And this rumor circulating is Sergey Brin's karma to Hugo Barra, former Vice President of Product Management for Android. Hugo also resigned from Google, where some suspect the love triangle problem that made him leave.

We don't know the truth about what's behind all the events that happened to Elon Musk and his mistresses. Is it because of money, or because they just want to be said to be close to the Tesla boss? we don't know, that would be very unfortunate, isn't it. Because love is blind, blind as devil close human eyes.

Is Elon Musk so charismatic that at his age, he is said to be still loved by many women? Or just because of the financial magnet it has?

This is just a light discussion on the variety of news that has been present lately. And unfortunately not a good example to imitate let alone say cool. What exists even makes some people disgusted with this kind of problem.

As a closing through, we know that Elon Musk's biggest dream is to bring humans to Mars. And if one day that can happen, I just remind you to make sure you are ready to go to Mars, because you must also be prepared for the possibility of being cheated by your partner later on the Red planet. Who cheated on your partner, I was just joking a little about the affair/adultery phenomenon that is getting ahead, not being left as a human being who is intelligent and civilized.


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He might be charismatic but he is a fraud .. He knows how to make profits. I'm not blaming but he's a real genius

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