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The Nigerian Girl 3

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1 year ago

This is the third part of the tale of a typical Nigerian girl, from the day she was born to her adulthood when she gets married and has her own kids.

You can check out the previous parts:

Senior secondary school is practically where the main fun of secondary school comes in. The bad days started with the first time she sees her period down to the day she gets stained, days like that I can say are the worst. Days she gets a chance to bully a junior, just to have a taste of what it felt like for the seniors who bullied her when she was in a junior class. If she is able to pass through days like that then secondary school is no doubt a journey of blissful, annoying, and unforgettable memories.

The days come when she gets the attention of the boys. She gets to be admired by a boy and eventually gets asked out, let’s have a look at different scenarios and reaction;

If she doesnt like the boy or he did not meet her preference in boys, the first body language is like "Please what is this boy doing here now, didn’t he check out who he is about talking to before even making an attempt to say a word out" and when he's finally like "girl, you look really beautiful I must say and I have been eyeing you from a distance, today I decided I must finally come close to admire this beauty and ask her to be my babe".

The first reaction of the typical Naija girl who doesn’t like the boy "hope it is not me you just finish saying that nonsense to? See if you know what's best for you just walk out without stress before I disgrace you here". For girls that have the fire inside them, they won't even waste their time responding, it’s either they walk out or they gather the attention of the whole class there with the insult that would leave their mouth, leaving that guy asking himself why he ever approached her. For the calmest girls they just say "sorry I'm not interested".

But if she likes the boy, before he even approaches her, she is already on “cloud nine”, before he says a word about asking her out she has already accepted him and even before the day he asked her out, she was already sending body languages to him and always doing "notice me"  for the hottest looking guy in class.

And the moment she realizes she has been used by this guy, who just suddenly feels like breaking up, she’ll just be up and down about hating boys, most times depending on the kind of school she attended, she wouldn’t even have enough courage to speak up. And that is a secondary school for her, although there are days she just feels free and be as happy as a bird because of the friends she has in school. Bad days at school are times when she has an issue with someone and they just can't seize a moment without talking about her, it gets really annoying and sometimes just gets into a fight that leaves the whole school in disarray. And when the time comes for her to serve the punishment of the actions that was caused by someone else it’s just unbearable.

Did I forget to make mention of the days when she has to leave school without permission? Those days are one of the best days because she gets to have all the fun she wants to have, eat all the food she wants to eat, and make sure she is back in school just in time before any one of the students or staff gets to find out. There are days she doesn't have a choice other than being rude to that hostile hostel mistress that just can't stop crossing her paths and stepping on her toes. There are days at school she just can't ever escape the almighty "truth and dare" a game no secondary school can do without playing. This game makes her do things she just doesn't want to do and wouldn't even dream of ever doing. It places her in tight spots and leaves her sometimes happy and other times heartbroken, she can't ever tell. The worst moment could be when that guy who has been her all-year crush is finally told to kiss her and he prefers to serve the punishment for not doing that dare or when she is told to confess her love to a guy in class in the presence of everyone. Things could also be interesting when she gets to hear the latest gossip in class or the biggest truths she could have never imagined. Things could also backslide when she has to be honest about something she just can't let anyone know. Truth and dare are really fun, it creates a lot of cherished memories.

And when she is back from school at the end of the term, she gets to hang out with friends from the neighborhood, attend summer lessons and create a new set of memories outside school. For a Nigerian girl that hates staying put indoors, she ventures into lots of things including hanging out with friends, journeying the whole town on foot, and a lot of other crazy things teenagers just love doing. Others prefer to use the short period of time to learn a trade or skill such as hairdressing, tailoring, and other trades that might interest them.

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Written by   78
1 year ago
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