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Bitcoin Cash Treasure Hunt: Test Round

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1 year ago

A week ago, I announced a little interesting competition I called “Bitcoin Cash Treasure Hunt” with the hashtag #BCHTreasureHunt. The idea is to create a BCH wallet on wallet and hide some amount of BCH in the wallet. I will post clues to the 12-word recovery phrase on and each of the 12 recovery words will be hidden in a post on It can be any user's post, but most of mine and that of #BCHTreasureHunt sponsors and supporters (you can make some donation to the #BCHTreasureHunt fund chest for a chance to get your posts used for our hidden words).

Read more about BCHtTreasureHunt here.

The competition was stated that commence on March 1, and we are a few days away. But before that, I want to run a test, to give the community a glimpse of what they should expect from the #BCHTreasureHunt.

#BCHTreasureHunt Test Round

As aforementioned, this is a round to test how the competition will proceed. The outcome of this will give us a glimpse of how it works and how successful the competition will be when kicked off. When the introductory post was published last week, some users showed interest and we got about three major donations.


@Macronald donated $1

@PVMihalache donated $1

@Tired_momma donated $1

I donated $2 to make it a total of $5 in our reward chest.

I could have donated more but I have not received any tip from the bot since 6 days ago. It’s been discouraging, and I have thought of quitting but here I am to keep on writing. Hopefully, I will be remembered by the bot someday.

Interested Users

About 1o users indicated their interest to participate in the competition. That’s not a bad start and I see more users joining us when we start recording success. Here is the list of users that showed interest:











#BCHTreasureHunt Test Round (Mechanics)

This test round will have little change – The original plan is to publish one word per day which will take 12 days and 12 articles. But since we have just 2 days to March 1, which is the kickoff date, This test will run for just 24 to 30 hours. Here is how it will work:

  • The clues to finding each word of the 12 recovery words will be posted on So I recommend you follow me on for updates.

  • The clues will be posted at random times of the day with at least one hour of space between. I recommend you enable the notification bell, to get notified when the clue is posted.

  • With the aid of the clue, you will visit the post where the word has been hidden to search and find the word.

  • The words will be given in chronological order. The first clue will be for the first word, the second clue for the second word, and so on. But there may be a twist after the last word. So be watchful for that little twist.

  • When you visit the post with the hidden word, try to like the post and possibly leave a content related comment, just to encourage the author we used his/her post for the word.

  • When you find each word, keep it safe, you can write them down as they come.

  • The first user to find all 12 words and successfully restores the wallet and sweep the fund wins. The BCH is in a wallet. So do well to install one.

  • Mention other users in the comment section to invite them to join in the competition. The more the merrier.

The #BCHTreasureHunt Reward Chest (Fund)

The fund for the competition will come from my earnings and the donation of other users on this post. If you can’t afford to donate your earnings, you can always generously donate your Freetips on clue posts. It will help increase the competition prize and make it even more competitive. I cannot do this without your help. So donate generously to the #BCHTreasureHunt fund on and Nothing is too small and nothing is too big.

#BCHTreasureHunt – The more the Merrier

I want this competition to be a big thing on and even beyond. Collectively we can make it a success. We may be starting small with a prize pool of $5, we can improve a lot on this with time. And your donations will help a lot. Imagine having a prize pool of $50 to $100 or even more? It will become even more competitive. This can work.

Let’s say we have 20 active participants, and each user tips at least $1 dollars weekly on the #BCHTreasureHunt post on, we will have $20 a week and $40 in two weeks (half of the month for one round). Then we tip at least $0.1 daily from our freetips on #BCHTreasureHunt post on In a day, 20 users tipping $0.1 will contribute a total of $2 ($0.1 x 20). In a week, we’ll get $14. And in 2 weeks we’ll have $28.

If you add $28 from in 2 weeks to $40 from it will give a total of $68. What if we tip a higher quantum? Or we have more than 20 active participants? We’ll have enough money in the Fund's chest to add more sub-competition and consolation prizes to make it more competitive and worth your time.

An individual may decide to make a huge donation of $5, $10, $100, $1000, $10,000 or even more.

I want to add more activities to the competition like social bounty, where we promote Bitcoin cash on various social media and earn BCH for doing that, and also Engagement reward, where little tasks are given to participants and those who successfully complete the task will be rewarded with BCH. The task will all revolve around promoting BCH in our various communities.

All this won’t be possible without your support.

Let me not bore you with so many words. We currently have $5 in the fund. So the prize pool for this Test round is $5.

Let the Hunt Begin!

The first word is hidden in this article. The clue to finding it will be posted on Stay tuned!

You can visit here to read more about the Bitcoin Cash Treasure Hunt, how it works and how to participate. You can mention other users, inviting to join us. Your tips and donations are important.

Remember to follow me on to view updates on new clues to finding the hidden words.

$ 2.19
$ 2.04 from @TheRandomRewarder
$ 0.05 from @Ruffa
$ 0.05 from @Laurenceuuu
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Written by   78
1 year ago
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Yehey this is interesting! Wanna give it a try!

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1 year ago

Can I give this a try? 😁

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1 year ago

Sure. It's open to all.

$ 0.00
1 year ago

Lol!, I think i find it 🤣

$ 0.00
1 year ago

Are we keeping the words until the end? You said something a form !

$ 0.00
1 year ago

We are keeping the word to the end. The form won't be used this time, we may not get to use it, if we don't have enough fund to reward the first few users to submit the right word.

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1 year ago

I found the word, I hope I'm correct haha this is gonna be exciting.

$ 0.00
1 year ago

I already have the word then read the clue given and my word remains the same hahaha. I'm enjoying and waiting for the next clue

$ 0.00
1 year ago

I really love this! I'm excited💚

$ 0.00
1 year ago

I will be looking forward to the first clue.

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1 year ago