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Away and back: the accident, the recovery and the return

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11 months ago

I don't know if anyone noticed, I have been away for more than two months. My last post before yesterday's post was an update post of the second round of my mini-competition "Bitcoin cash Treasure Hunt" in March.

The next day after the post was involved in an accident which led to injuries and my phone damaged. I spent several days at the hospital receiving treatment and spent the rest at home recovering.

The Accident

I have shared my unemployment status in some of my posts ad how I have been managing to provide for the family by engaging in several side hustles and weekend gigs.

On that faithful day, I had an ushering gig at a wedding event. So I boarded an Okada (commercial motorcyclist) to get to the event center. The Okada started rough, I warned him to be careful. Later I didn't care anymore how fast he was going because I checked the phone and realized I was behind schedule.

On the way, a kid recklessly attempted to cross the road without looking out for oncoming vehicles, and the Okada was already close. Attempting the avoid hitting the kid, he ran into a car coming on the other side of the road. Fortunately for us, the car was not at high speed. The next thing I remembered was waking up on a hospital bed. Surrounded by my mum and siblings.

I saw the worry on their face and I could read that mum has been crying. I only had a concussion, shoulder dislocation, and some injuries to my arms and legs. The Okada man came off worse as he also had fractured bones. After some days I was ready to be discharged but there was not enough money to settle the hospital bills. A few days later with support from friends, mum was able to settle the bills ND I went home.

The Recovery

I was at the hospital for more than two weeks. I was told I woke up a few hours after been rushed to the emergency ward. The next day I was moved to the male's ward because the emergency ward was congested and there was no room for new cases. The few hours I spent there were terrible. There were sounds of pain and agony from fellow patients, cries from families and relatives who lost their beloved ones in the ward. About two patients have announced death within the few hours I spent at the hospital. Most Nigerian public hospitals' emergency care and services are bad, a tale for another day.

I underwent a couple of scans to ensure there was no internal injury or complication from the accident. With the combination of drugs, physiotherapy, and the life and care from my family, my recovery was fast. I hated drugs, but mum was always there to help me through. The painful part of the treatment was dressing of the wound, when the bandages had to be removed and cleaned, then replaced with fresh ones. I would have stayed longer at the hospital, but the bills were getting too much. We managed to take care of the already incurred bill and were discharged to continue treatment from home.

I have not fully recovered, but today, I'm a lot better than I was last month.

The Return

The hospital bills have drained whatever little reserve the family had for an emergency. My family had to sacrifice a lot during these periods and mum had to borrow some money to take care of my treatment bills. When I think of the situation I have put everyone into I could help but secretly let out a few tears.

All I can think of is how to get back on my feet and start earning to first off take care of the debts we have incurred.

And one of the first thoughts is returning to to continue writing to see how much I could make. Well, my first post, which I published yesterday earned me $3 which is a start.

I hope to find the strength to keep writing and earn more to help me meet our financial needs. And I hope the bot visits my posts often than not, generously.

Please don't think I'm pathetic. I just felt like sharing my ordeal with you folks so you know why I have been away for so long after the start of something great - BCHTreasureHunt.

Thank you for reading to the end. I hope you will be back for the next post.

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Written by   78
11 months ago
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Thank you for sharing with us. I am so sorry for the accident and I hope you will be well soon and back to normal. Sending you positive vibes and strength.

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11 months ago

Praying for your full recovery. And as God is generous, He will provide for your needs.

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11 months ago

Oh my gosh, that's why I'm not receiving a notif from your newly publish article, you have a situation there. Good thing it's not that extreme, good thing okay. Hope you can solve that problem that you have 💪💪

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11 months ago