Stop being jobless: do any of these 5 jobs from your bed

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I know that you are tired of being jobless and probably also tired of job hunting.

I also know that you don't mind having a job that pays you passively, let alone allow you to work from the very comfort of your bed.

With this kind of job, you need not to be in a hurry to meet up with work time. You set your own time. This simply means that you are the boss here.

Truly, the world has embraced technology and innovations.

With new ideas and innovations, it is easier to monetize even your own hobby.

Yes, your hobby can be monetized.– If you do not know, you should know that you can be paid for doing what you love to do.

I often make a statement each time I come in contact with jobless people, I go ahead to tell them that " even their laziness can pay them" As ironic as this may sound, it is so true because, just right there in your bed, you make some passive income.

Do not always have to remain under the pressure and bondage created by your boss and your job.

In this article, you shall be introducing jobs that you can literally do from the very comfort of your bed.

To be honest, there is no job anywhere right now. Unemployment has become the order of the day. So, the earlier you stop searching for jobs, and start earning with what you know how to do, the better for you.

Working from home gives you the chance to chase many of your dreams as you have all the time that you need.

A lot of the working class are really not happy with their jobs.

To run any of these jobs from home, you need time, interest, passion, patience and skill.

Yes, patience is needed because not all of these jobs instantly translate to cash. Some are long term while some require extra effort before you can see the yield.

Ofcourse, every business in life passes through the building process.

So, if your agenda is to work and earn while laying on your bed, you might have to consider any of the following jobs;

1.Run a copy editing job.

This is a job for those who are well skilled in communication and grammar. If you are this type that when you are on social media, the blunders you see makes you feel like you should throw up. All that is a sign that you can run a photo editing job.

Convert this skill of yours to money by signing up with upwork.

Upwork is a website that can connect you with a variety of copy editing tasks. It is simple to earn here as the more tasks you perform, the more money you earn.

Payment with upwork is very easy and fast as you get your payment straight to your account.— How great Is that?.

2. Run a WhatsApp TV

Just with the WhatsApp application on your phone, you can own a company of your own called "WhatsApp TV".

What is a WhatsApp TV?

WhatsApp Tv, originally known as WhatsApp television is a branded account that seeks to entertain, inform, educate, etc people on WhatsApp through the status features.(

You do not only entertain people with your status, you earn from there.

It is a win- win business— This is because you do what makes you happy and also earn from doing that. This is what I would call, reward for passion.

To know more on how to earn money with your WhatsApp TV, read our next article or you can read it up from

3. Blogging

If you are the type that writes about anything and everything, then this one's for you.

Yes writing for many is a hobby, but interestingly, it is a job. All you need to do is to identify yourself as a freelance writer and get paid for writing articles or better still run your own blog and also earn passive income from it.

To run a blog, you should first of all, identify your area of interest or field of writing, which is what we call niche, pick up your pen and begin to write on topics relating to that field.

4. Enrol for Affiliate programs

In a simple language, affiliate programs are arrangements between an online merchant and a blogger or site owner, where the online merchant agrees to pay some amount of money to a site owner after he successfully sells his product through the site.

Owning a blog that draws high traffic is a good chance of becoming an affiliate marketer.

Amazon is a perfect example of an online merchant that offers affiliate marketing opportunities.

As long as your site is drawing traffic, go ahead to enrol for Amazon affiliate marketing, and earn yourself some money.

5. Content marketing

From my personal knowledge and opinion, content marketing is more than creating contents and materials like blog posts.

Content marketing extends to marketing people's products by the use of convincing- advertising and promotion of such products using your social media influence.

Sometimes, customers do not get convinced by the products alone, they get convinced by the face behind the product.

To do well as a content marketer, you need to create social media relevance and popularity.

To achieve a good social media influence, follow the steps below;

1.Ceate a social media account

There is nothing content marketing without a social media account. You absolutely need a social media account. It could be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, whatsapp, or waplog.

2. Share trending and solution driven ideas

It does not end with creating a social media account. It extends to sharing contents that your audience cannot do without.

Show your audience what they love to see and hear. Create something beautiful. As much as possible make sure you update your followers with enticing contents every day. This is a super way to grow your audience and warn their trust.

Let your audience see you as a positive influence. That way, it is easier to influence their choices of products and services.


Influencer marketing is a great marketing strategy in our world today. So if you do not have a job, and you are tired of searching for one. Simply build yourself to the level of an influencer, and market products and services for people, and get paid in return.

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