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2 years ago
Date: November 2, 2021
Writer: AlphaCron

A pleasant evening to my ever-supportive, amazing, and beautiful human beings on this platform!!!

How was your day folks? Well, if you would ask me, I would have to consider this day as a productive one considering that I was able to read 15 blog entries in the morning and another 15 blog entries in the afternoon after I met my group virtually for some thesis matter. I'm just extremely overwhelmed by my performance today. It was really a great pleasure to be reading all the blog entries I've saved both old and new.

Actually, I finished to read all of it. I couldn't deny the fact that I felt so moved by your blog entries may it be a work of fiction or your real-life stories. I can say that indulging myself on this platform makes my spirit alive. Indeed, here on Read Cash, I can truly say that I get to become a productive person equipped with all the learnings you all have imparted on me.

Anyway, enough of the introduction, let's head straight to the main subject of my blog!

Since my brother took a vacation leave for just a day, as usual our bonding moment is to watch movies on Netflix. Most of the time, he is the one who will choose what film to watch. So, I just let him do the honor.

After minutes of scrolling on the movie lists, he happened to come across with this 2019 movie entitled, "Don't Let Go." The film has 5 genres; horror, suspense, science fiction, supernatural, and psychological horror. And so, we watched it.

Anyway, as what I have understood about the film, the story revolves around the 2 main characters; Jack and Ashley. Jack is Ashley's uncle. He is a cop. Ashley and her parents were found lifeless in their house for they were brutally murdered by some unidentified culprit. Uncle Jack was eager to search the person behind the murder case. In an unexpected encounter, he realizes that he can able to talk to Ashley from the past. And so, they help each other in order to determine the culprit and manage to undo or avoid the dreadful event from occuring.

After watching the film, these are the life lessons I've learned.

1. Know the people you can trust

After watching the film, I came to realize that I shouldn't fully give my hundred percent trust to someone except for my family. I may have a lot of friends but I feel confident to put my trust to my first friend in college. She's one the most generous and empathetic persons that I've known. I proved that she is a trustworthy friend because before we had a major fight where we did not talk for a while. Despite of that circumstance, she never backstabbed me to her other colleagues. Indeed, I agree that your friends in college will be your friends for life and I consider her as my friend for life.

2. You can change your future

Certainly, you can change you future. What you're doing in the present time will reflect the future you will have. With that said, do something good and worthwhile now because for sure you will truly be proud of yourself for what you have become in the future. For instance, you are writing articles for the purpose of earning and gaining learnings. You will never know not until you discover yourself that you have become the most well-known writer in the future. Who knows?

3. What goes around, comes around.

I believe in this statement. What you do may it be good or bad, there's always a corresponding consequences for that action. Indeed, karma is a b*tch! On the contrary, for example, you're writing articles on Read.Cash despite the fact that you earn a little amount of money but because of your determination and dedication, people are starting notice your presence. They now give appreciation to your blog entries by upvoting and commenting positive words of encouragement.

Without a doubt, for every action, there's always a consequence. Bear that in your mind.

4. If criminals are scary people, so are the cops.

Someone who's in power has the potential to manipulate people who are inferior to them. In the movie, a particular cop does control matters into his own hands like where's the word due process? Justice? This kind of people is way more scarier than criminals. Anyway, I'm not generalizing that cops are bad, there are some to be exact. Shame to those cops who are using their powers to scare and manipulate people.

Closing Thought ✨

I hope you gain something from this blog entry of mine. Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment your insights on the comment section. Hope you all had a productive day! ❤️

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2 years ago


I like the part of we can change our future, so many people have used their bad behaviour to change their bright future and others have used their good behaviour to change their dim future. Thanks for sharing this friend.

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2 years ago

Indeed, It's really up to us if we want to change our future. Thanks for dropping by @Gaftekloriginal! 💙

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2 years ago

Si sheiliah jud ni yor nu? Hihihi clsoe baya jud kaau mo ayyy. Stay strong inyung friendship.

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2 years ago

This is an amazing article from you. Indeed in this life, we shouldn't give our whole trust to others. As for me, I learned that lesson for I was betrayed by someone whom I trust so much. I never thought that after all that we have shared, all that she wanted from me is just for her own sake.

You're welcome

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2 years ago

Yes very nice blog my friend. I gained so much thanks to you!

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2 years ago