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Iam giving out sponsorships

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1 year ago

Hello everyone..

So I have decided to give out sponsorship...It will depend on your participation­čśŐ­čśŐ

For this follow the rules below:


1) Subscribe me for upcoming updates.

2) Make a post (Short post also allowed) regarding this sponsorship I'm offering so that others can also know about this. And dont forget to mention me in your post.

3)comment on 5 of my articles and mention your friends there... (Make sure you dont skip this)

4) Select one of your article that you think is your best work.. Include the link in your post you will be making about my sponsorship..

4) comment down the link of your post so I could easily find them.

This offer will last upto monday..

All the best guys..

@Cutie_Angel_Mukta @kFatema @EYERISH687 hey guys help me spread this news of sponsorship...

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Hello dear help me to approved my article in We are Bangladeshi­čÖĆ­čÖĆ

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1 year ago


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1 year ago

plz help me

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1 year ago

I want sponsors but few steps I can't done because I am not know about that how I send my post adress. Otherwise rest al done

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1 year ago