Not Being Afraid of Making Mistakes (And Some Thoughts on Listing of HEX)

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3 years ago

I feel like I have not expressed enough appreciation for chairman Roger Ver, CEO Stefan Rust, and many other individuals at, so I'd like to do so today.

The last few days has been meeting criticism for listing the controversial cryptocurrency, HEX. I too was surprised that we listed HEX despite the general recognition of it as a scam, and I wondered what the company's intention behind it was. On the same day of the listing, Stefan told us at a small company division meeting that the company's intention was to give people more freedom of choice and our intention was coming from a good place though we did not get a good reaction from the community.

At, we are encouraged not to be afraid to make mistakes and instead take action and get things done while doing our best. If we make mistakes, we should learn from them and try not to make the same mistake again.
I learned over the years that in my case, taking immediate action than waiting for things to become perfect has done much more good, and I am very happy that I work for a company with this attitude.

When I started helping with Tokyo BCH meetups in Tokyo, I was far from perfect. I thought I'd never be a good meetup organizer because I did not have deep technical knowledge or deep understanding about Bitcoin etc, and I was also actually shy.
I also never thought people will see me as someone who is good at onboarding merchants because I obviously had no experience about it or any sales skills or know about payment services in general.
Yet, I just kept doing the best on what I could do, because I really wanted to help these great people trying to make a huge difference in the world.
I never liked social media before BCH, but I took courage and joined Twitter, and now I am enjoying tweeting about BCH and I don't get discouraged so easily when I receive criticism or attacks anymore. has done so much for BCH or the p2p electronic cash and I have been so happy and grateful to see the employees helping initiate more and more meetups around the world, especially the last few months.
Last Saturday alone, I was contacted by two employees separately, telling me that they had found potential organizers for BCH meetups in new cities/countries and they want me to help get it started.
Several employees had even volunteered to start meetups in their cities, which I assume is outside their work hours. You see many of them including the executive team like Roger, Stefan, Mate Tokay attending meetups and events around the world wherever and whenever they can.

We sometimes make choices that may not be the best for everybody.
Roger has made a lot of great contributions as we all know, but he probably has made some not-so-great choices in his life too. But the thing is, he also does millions of other great things and it's just a small part of all the wonderful things he has done, with full passion to make a difference in people's lives with p2p digital money.

Hope we can move on with the best intended decision, and keep on doing more great things!
As for HEX listing, I do realize that the part of the reason BCH community is very vocal is because they care about too. Thanks for reading.

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3 years ago


Sometimes too when we make the choices we do it at the wrong time and at the right place which will help both positively and negatively too. is sure good and I hope it's known to all in order to use Bitcoin.

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3 years ago