Why songs makes me cry

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Not all songs make us cry. Songs are either created to tell a tale about how the writer feels or to express a feeling.

It could be a joyous feeling, a sense of loss, love, or madness, among others. All of these are sensed in a song, and when you connect with it, it has the ability to elevate your emotions to a greater level. No, the reason songs make us cry is entirely dependent on the writer's choice of words and the reaction and emotion evoked by them.

Additionally, it is determined on the tone with which it is sung. For instance, a depressing song about loneliness cannot be accompanied by a cheerful tone of voice.

It is based on the writer's expression intended to be exerted on the singer in order to reach out to the listener's heart.

While a writer may produce lyrics that are emotionally charged, when they are delivered incorrectly by the singer, the message is misconstrued.

Certain songs can move you to tears simply by witnessing the vocalist's expressions, even if the singer has a poor vocal quality, and they can also divert your attention and concentration simply by listening to them...

A song's quality is determined by how well it is sung, articulated, and experienced by the listener.

A song is another technique of communicating with the souls and emotions of the audience...

Music, more than any other art form, is a source of nourishment for the intellect. It is capable of inducing powerful and vivid images in the listener's brain and eliciting emotions that are simply not elicited by other forms of media. While films, paintings, video games, and sculptures can all convey meaning and elicit empathy in the audience, music is the only medium that can conjure up memories of a lost friend or relative, and a song about being young and wild can evoke bittersweet nostalgia for your adolescent years and the people you met along the way.

None of this is repulsive. Being moved by art demonstrates one's humanity. Those who assert that they are not are either lying or purposefully limiting themselves access to art that would effect them. If you cry when music makes you ponder, you are capable of comprehending art. Accept it.

By the way, your age, gender, race, and orientation are entirely immaterial. Music has an effect on everyone, regardless of their identity.

Tears should not only be viewed as a representation of grief or sadness; they should also be viewed as a symbol of true passion erupting; when the heart feels alive, it expands and fills the eyes. I cry (a lot) whenever I hear my National Anthem, even the song, and it's not because of anguish or sadness; it's because of the love and passion it arouses in me; it makes me feel ALIVE.

You stated that it occurs most frequently with instrumental music. If you have a liking for it or become quite interested in it, what occurs is fairly normal.

Apart from the tone, another reason would be that, as humans, we have a natural tendency to identify with the words of almost every song we listen to, and if the songs you listen to are sad, it's very NORMAL to cry.

Don't worry, it's quite normal in either case; I know many such folks, myself included.

I hope you found the answer you sought:)

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Music is life and I can't go to sleep without it, before and till now I cried whenever i hear my songs

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2 years ago

Songs are the reflection of our life. Writers used to put their experience s in a aspng that's why everyone loves songs

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2 years ago