Is it okay to quit?

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Is it appropriate to leave a job after only a month? It's ordinary. I work as a hostess in a posh eatery I despise my job and coworkers. But I'm stumped.

Quit now. Then again, no one will throw a fit or go into a funk when you inform them you're going.

Your apprehension about quitting shows this is your first real-life job. You also need to appear nice and smile at people if you are a hostess.

That you have to be at work at a certain time and stay there for a long period of time without any breaks is probably the source of your displeasure with the job and the other people. Possible that things get chaotic at times, with multiple clients arriving almost simultaneously, and you're unsure how to handle it all. Most people don't like waiting, especially when they've reserved a time slot.

Hello, grown-up world. In other words, you can't just do whatever you want, whenever you want. People stop telling you how great you are, how much fun you are, or how they "just want to talk".

There are those that want you to accomplish something beneficial, regardless of how you feel or if you are having fun. Nobody has time to stop and chat or try to cheer you up. That you are harassed or overburdened is irrelevant. Or if someone gets angry, brusque, or presses you when you're busy.

Contrary to popular belief, being a hostess is a rather easy profession. People skills and the capacity to function in a chaotic environment are required to execute this profession. The skills you lack now will be acquired quickly.

You dislike the individuals around you since they are not like the school pals. Nobody has time for you, and they don't want to chat about the topics you normally discuss. Most of them are adults now or soon will be. Not only do they not think like children, but they also do not care about the vast majority of issues that children deem crucial. That they are unfriendly and treat you like a child may just your perception. Maybe they think that's what they see.

As a result, I perceive a shift in you from a child to an adult. You get no help, no sympathy, no assistance from anyone. As a result, you want to flee from the uncomfortable situation.

Where to run? Getting hired now is difficult. People will assume you are a bad hire if they learn you only lasted one month at your previous employment. They'll also ask what you can do except smile and look beautiful for them. Having no expertise confirms that you are unsuitable for their company.

Your parents won't always be there for you They'll become tired of hearing no one else wants you.

Of course, you could marry a young man who has a job and let you remain home all day — but those days are long gone now. For most, the best they can hope for is a shack up. That is, until you start moaning or demanding a better life. Then you're jobless and homeless.

Regrettably, learning to adjust to your job's schedule and demands is by far the smartest thing you can do. And to be grateful for a work that allows you to mature.

You will learn how to handle your job within a few months, no matter how demanding it may be. How to keep everyone satisfied, no matter how many people demand your attention at once. If you work with enough people for a year, you will learn how to make friends with co-workers. But you'll cherish these new friendships much more than your old ones.

If you don't want to do housework and

You seem to be struggling more than most in this time of transition and growth. But you have no alternative but to persevere and do your best to regain a productive track of your life.

Best wishes. Keep in touch and send us an update in a year or so.

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Topics: Self, Lessons, Psychology, 2022, Health, ...