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2 years ago
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  1. Sleep is the key

If I were to generalize, I think one of society’s biggest goals in life is to be happy – and many have misunderstood it to be a final event that’s influenced by how much money we have. And so, we go to great lengths to make money. As someone who was raised in poverty, I resonate with this idea and understand the importance of hard work, especially if you’re underprivileged.

Nevertheless, regardless of our positions, many of us will slave away to make more money for most of our lives. We understand that it provides security, and many also believe that it creates freedom in the form of happiness. While money gives us options, we often learn that despair remains a prevalent theme throughout our lives, regardless of our bank balance.

Hustle culture has put great emphasis on hard work, to the extent many will neglect their well-being to raise activity, even if it doesn’t lead to greater productivity. And our biggest compromise is sleep.

Without sleep, we can be around but not alert or fully present (which is dangerous during activities like driving). Furthermore, sleep deprivation increases anxiety, stress, mental health problems, respiratory issues, weight gain, and other health risks (e.g. diabetes and heart disease). Healing, rejuvenation and high vibrations are pretty difficult without quality sleep. A lack of sleep hinders your ability to manifest a flamboyant life and flourish as you are.

You may think sleep is costly, but a lack of sleep is even more expensive. So many of us are saving for a future that isn’t guaranteed by giving up rest. However, a lack of sleep inhibits creativity and productivity – and often takes us away from the present moment, which is the only time we experience. And it comes with risk. For example, if you manage to make it to a future event you saved up for, you may not be able to enjoy it at the capacity you wanted, due to poor health. Or you might have to use the money you saved on improving your health.

So here’s your reminder to make essential rest and recovery a priority, not just the things you consume and build into your routines.


Jack Ma once said, 'When Selling to close friends and family, no matter how much you're selling to them, they will always feel you're earning their money, no matter how cheap you sell to them, they still wouldn't appreciate it.'

There will always be people who do not care about your Costs, Time, Effort, they rather let other people cheat them, allowing others to earn, then supporting someone they know. Cause in their heart, they will always be thinking, 'How much did he earn from me?' instead of "How much did he SAVE/MAKE for me?"

This is a classic example of a poor person's mentality!

How did the rich people become rich? One of the main reason is because they are willing to SUPPORT their associates business, taking care of one another's interests thus naturally they get back more.

Your Friends will in turn support you, thus the circle of wealth continues to grow and grow!

Simple Logic, you will start to get rich once you understand it.

Jack Ma on Sales: 'When doing Sales, the first people who will trust you will be Strangers, Friends will be shielding against you, fair-weather friends will distance from you. Family will look down upon you.'

The day you finally succeed, paying the bill for every get-together dinner, entertainment, you will realised: Everyone else is present except the Strangers.

Do you get the meaning of this?

We need to treat our dear Strangers better! And even more so to Friends who know what you are doing and yet still SUPPORT you!

Let us treat STRANGERS who buys from us better from today. They are your BEST customers!

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2 years ago
Topics: Mind, Myself, Lesson, Sleep, Business, ...