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The last episode of Generation Gap and Positive Parenting.

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4 months ago

Below is the link to the first episode of Generation Gap and Positive Parenting. If you want, you have to read the first episode first. Today I will write about the last episode. In fact, we all need to know about this. Why do we create so much gap? Let's analyze well.

While many of us are familiar with the term generation gap, many are unaware of the extent of its detailed analysis. Just as new discoveries are leading us to greatness, so are we compressing emotions.

Now back to the main point. Imagine if I / you told a senior older brother (age 45 or older) that you had a very good relationship with him, brother, put up a picture of the picture we will program with when you die. Then think a little about the reaction of that big brother (it seems like something terrible in the imagination). He will then think about whether you really fall into the human level, and will think about you as badly as you can.

A few days ago, a younger sister said, "Sister, if you die, I will put up a picture of the picture we will program with." I smiled a little and hesitantly posed for her to take pictures, she took a beautiful picture and showed it to me (she took many more pictures like this). This may be the generation gap in which we are narrowing our emotions.

In this way, with the advancement of technology, the emotions will gradually shrink. The day the emotions are completely destroyed, the day the world may be destroyed.

Every human life is diverse, there must be ups and downs. Dad said one thing, human life has to be matched with the average. However, the average is not.

In fact, there are so many mistakes, so many failures, so a good deal of helplessness in life.

Sometimes, people become very helpless, very helpless, under the pressure of the situation. Maybe this situation is his own intentional or unintentional creation. But this helplessness was never his goal or desire.

Why don't parents understand us?

If we start to open our complaint book to the parents, as if it is not the end! And for some as a baby gets older, he or she will outgrow this. Why do we have so much generation gap with parents?

There is not just an age gap between parents and children, there is a whole generation gap. Thoughts, culture, manners, habits ... everything is different. The biggest differences are in maturity and initiative.

The word "wrong" pulls the child like a mirage when the parents are a little calm. They do not even know which way they set foot. The well-arranged path can be so thorny. How ignorant they are.

The beginning of the path may not be horrible, but as it progresses, helplessness and helplessness will continue to consume him. They will make repeated mistakes to save a mistake. That mistake will make the branch grow again. Will rush to get out. Will be longing for a shelter.

But will not be able to get out, will not be able to go back to the previous state, will not be able to fix everything.

When people start drowning. Maybe he was drowning because of his own fault or his own ignorance. He will try thousands to come up. He will want to float on the leaves of a little vine. Hands and feet will want to stay afloat. Possibly it will be his turn to resort to this herb or throw his hands and feet. But he is helpless.

Exactly the same mistakes in human life. He repeatedly makes mistakes to avoid mistakes.

But it turns out ... a gentle touch of a strong hand can save him from drowning. He can come up by himself using that hand. The same goes for mistakes.

Then, when he comes back alive, he wants to forget that horrible memory again and again. He wants to surrender himself to the means of survival.

That's when the resort repeatedly says, "I saved you."

Will he be able to forget those memories?

Similarly, when a parent forgives him after a mistake has been made, the parents begin to think, "Was he able to do this as my child?"

He can't stand with his face in front of his parents anymore. He keeps on hesitating. Maybe one time he gets so depressed that he makes another mistake.

But if that happened, the parents would forget, the child's mistake. Help the child to forget ...

Potentially the next mistakes wouldn't happen again. The trauma would have been healed. Don't be a scar mark. I didn't see it, either.

Not just children and parents. In many areas of society, if we overlook the mistakes of people who have come up from mistakes or want to come, it will be much easier for them and us, everyone to walk the path. Let's have a little match. No, or saw.

Because of the generation gap, how many children end up with their own unspoken pain, day after day, another generation that is not their own, the generation that their parents continue to practice. Has anyone measured this pain ?? Is there any account of him kept somewhere ??? A character (Joy Logo) commits suicide in the movie Three Idiots. There, referring to the timid teacher, Ransom says, "Engineers who are very clever, inwardly, have not built a machine to measure the pressure of the brain." If it really was done, it would be seen. How cruel you are to your child (some parents).

There are many parents who understand the generation of their children and keep them on the right path. They are seen to grow up with mental well-being and are educated in self-education. Not all parents are the same.

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Written by   19
4 months ago
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