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Generation Gap and Positive Parenthood. part(1)

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4 months ago

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The‘ generation gap’between each generation is getting worse and worse, which is a testament to the fact that there are major excrescences in our old parenthood system. This is due to not knowing the correct parenthood. We generally learn parenthood from our parents which isn't giving important benefit at this time.

Just as we no longer drive or use 100- time-old telephones, we need to upgrade our parenthood education.

Children and parents are the closest cousins in the world, where their children are the safest.

Currently, the distance between parents' studies and get towards their children is adding. It's not just one or two families but nearly all families.

There may be numerous reasons behind this. During the Coronation period, all the people under house arrest are mentally disturbed. On the one hand the epidemic, the lot closed. Increased reliance on online.

The current generation is a technology dependent generation. It shouldn't be forgotten. They've to be treated like parents a lot like them.

In our time there was no coaching or schoolteacher outside the academy, no academy bag, tiffing box, water pot, separate reading room. The schoolteacher used to bring club to class. Neighbor old manwas also our guardian.

Not so moment. When the schoolteacher scolds them, they complain, we take it seriously and speak against the contrary schoolteacher. I indulge in this way. We want to meet all the requirements of children. The mistake that can fluently get your claim denied is to fail.

#It's easier to epitomize

In the ultramodern age, the negative goods of colorful media similar as virtual and online-offline media, musketeers, mobile- widgets, games-internet,etc. are adding due to which the distance between parents and children is adding and family ties are weakening. Choosing the wrong musketeers at an early age can lead to medicine dependence and numerous boys and girls are creating distance with their families. Also, due to certain actions, work, habits and generation gap between children and parents, the distance between them increases. Positive parenthood plays a vital part in helping parents to acclimatize to the new walls and socialization of their children by following a variety of effective positive approaches. This distance can be bridged by communicating love, fellowship and empathy towards the child who understands. Knowledge of positive parenthood is essential for children to acclimatize to the physical and emotional changes of children at different periods and for how to develop a healthy internal state through positive get.

What parents need to do to help their children from deteriorating and to make them well educated-

Ways to control the child by reducing the use of the word"no"through positive get

-How to insure a peaceful family terrain

- Ways to help a child acclimatize to their emotional changes during nonage

-Strong bond between parents and children is guaranteed

- Ways to increase tone- confidence in child parenting

-Diagnose and do behavioral problems in children

-The internal stress of parents should be relaxed in raising children


We've to talk to them about reality, social customs, religious discipline. We've to explain the difference between black and white. Talk openly about what should be done, what will be good or not. Get inside her. Understand the inner disinclination. Give quality time. Let her understand that her most dependable and secure place is her parents.

One day arrogance, truthfulness, resentment isn't created. Leads sluggishly. Everyone needs to understand what positive parenthood is.

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Written by   19
4 months ago
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