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Saturday Thoughts: Write-rapy

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3 months ago

They say writing helps you manage your emotions and lift your spirits, thus, you being in a better mood. I am trying that out to see how it goes and at the end of this write up, I’ll access myself to see if I feel any better than when I started writing it.

The day had started cold, so I woke up and had a cup of lipton tea with some milk and sugar. This has become my morning ritual since the turn of the New Year, and I fear I might get tired of it soon. I had made plans to prepare this weekend my group’s journey to our outpost for Field Practical Training (FPT) on Monday. This is the first phase of our outstation programme, and it is at a private farm.

After seeing videos and hearing tales from members of the first group that went to the same farm, I am starting to lose interest altogether. I remember our FPT coordinator coming to ask if we’d rather go to a research institute in the Northern part of the country and my classmates had killed the suggestion immediately it was birthed due to the incessant issue of insecurity in that part of the country.

In preparation for the quest that would last 3 weeks starting Monday, I had to do some laundry and bring out work clothes that will serve me all through my time at the farm, because from what I have seen and heard, there is a lot of work to be done, not to mention the many challenges waiting for us.

I like to be prepared for circumstances like this. First, I condition my mind to the process so it doesn’t weigh down on me, and I have spent most of the day trying to do that, but it is proving futile. How can you hate something before you even try it out? I am not one for hearsays, but this is much more than that, I have seen a glimpse of what awaits us.

To cope, and maybe squeeze out every bit of fun or enjoyment in this supposed training programme, I need to first believe there is something to enjoy about it. It is unlike me to keep a close mind, but I can already see myself irritated at every little thing that doesn’t gel with me. I am also worried about my sleep schedule changing and me taking too much time to adapt to it.

Perhaps this could really be a training to test my resolve to control my nerves amidst everything and sense of patience and endurance of every challenge that comes my way. This could be an opportunity for self growth and realization of the unknown. I could challenge myself for the next three weeks, and set daily goals I want to achieve, so that by the end of the training, I will emerge a better and more fulfilled person than when I started it.

I have designated tomorrow to packing my clothes and all I will need for the period of my training, and also to drafting as many articles as I can so as not to miss a day of posting here within the next three weeks. Hopefully, I can draft more by next weekend since I’ll only be having the weekend to myself. So, wish me all the best of luck and the strength to come out better in the end.

I also want to apologise in advance if I don’t interact with all your posts. I will try to make time for you guys and visits all your beautiful posts when I can as much as I can. Thank your for your understanding in advance.

Phew! I feel a little better now that I have written all that out. I suppose writing helps.

Thank You For Reading 🖤🖤

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Written by   133
3 months ago
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"Adapt, improvise, succeed". I am really in support of you, finding a way to enjoy AMD have fun during this periods.

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3 months ago