"Mom, I am now a graduate. We made it."

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3 years ago

Have you been struggling but you don't have plan to quit? Have you been reaching your dreams despite of the hardships? What's the reason of your doing, for doing everything to reach your dream? Who is your strength and the reason why you're fighting?


I look at her, standing beside me. I can see happiness in her eyes, she's teary eyed but smiling. Upon looking at her, I remembered the days we're both fighting. The fight that we never thought we'll win.

I am an only child. I don't know who's my father. I only knew that my Mom is always there for me, and that she's my only ally in this cruel world. My father left my Mom when he knew that she's pregnant of me. They left her and his responsibility. But it's okay, cause my Mom made it.

We've been fighting and struggling before we both have our dreams. We don't have anything to pay for my studies, tuition and contributions. All the hardships, we encountered but we're both there for each other.

My Mom always had a sideline. Her sideline is to do laundry, selling vegetables and fruits. And that is because she wants me to finish my studies in college. It was so hard for her because she's alone doing the responsibility for me. But she never surrender. I never heard her say, she's tired. She's my sunshine, always making my world full with light.


I am also helping her, I am working and even selling vegetables together with Mom. I chose to be a working student. After working, I'll her with her laundry and selling goods. It's a big help for us for our daily needs and for paying bills.

And today, here we are. Standing while holdings hands. The most special day for us and the happiest day too. I may not be one of those smart and with honors, for me it is enough for me to be proud for my mother. I know my Mom is proud of me, but I am more proud for her. My supermom is so amazing.

I look at her and smile at her.

"Ma, I am now a graduate." I told her and hugged her tight while crying.


"Oh my child, stop crying." She said while hugging me back.

"Ma, we made it. We've faced so much struggles together. All the hardships we had, it's all worth it cause we reached our goals now Ma. This is the start to reach my dreams Ma. Let's reach my dreams together Ma, I will reach yours too. Thank you do much Mama. If not because of you, I am not here and will not able to wear this toga. I love so much Ma."

"I love you too, nak. Always remember all the things I taught you. I am not a perfect mother but I am proud that I raise you as a good daughter. Always remember, fight and never give up. I know you can make it. All I want for you is to be in good situation and not struggling in life anymore. Now that you reach your goal to graduate, it is the start for your journey to make your dream come true anak. It's okay that you'll not include me with your dreams, it's my responsibility to help you. I am so proud of you anak."

"It's me who's proud of you Ma. Though it's hard you made it. You raised me alone. You fight alone for me. Though we're poor, I am so proud of you. I am proud to tell the world that you are my amazing Mom." I smiled at her and get the handkerchief, I put it on her cheek and cause she's crying too. I told her to start walking cause it's our turn. We marched and it was the best feeling. I hold her hands so tight.


In life, we need courage and strong fighting spirit. We need to be strong in facing trials in life. Not all are blessed to live in golden spoon. So, we need to stay strong and don't give up in reaching our goals. Yes, it's hard, but at the end of the day, all the tears and sweat were worth it.

My mom's sacrifices since I was a child were can't be measured. I saw how she did her best for me. Sometimes, I am crying seeing her so tired but still show me her smile. But in her eyes, I can see how exhausted she was. She never gave up for me. I am proud of her cause she's my mom. If ever I will be asked in my second life if who I want to be my mom, I will choose her always.

I will do my best to reach my dreams. Now that I already graduate, I can make all for her. I will give the best for her. It's my turn to give her what she deserve. My mom is my supermom. My strength and my light.

--Yours truly, LYKA.


All will be worth it when you did your best to gain it. Hardship now, betterment and success later. Just don't quit with life. Life might be hard, but life also is beautiful. Let the hardships in life be your inspiration. Inspiration to fight for good future.

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3 years ago


Very inspiring story dear. My family has been through a lot too and it's going to over soon.im going to graduate this year. Im going for an internship program soon. I want to be independent and enjoy my life hahaha.

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3 years ago

Thank you. And advance congratulations to you. I know you will be successful in the future. Keep fighting ☺️

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3 years ago