A Typical Day Turns Extra Ordinary Day

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2 years ago

How's your sunday everyone! Did it start and ends well as you want it. For me I have good and extra ordinary sunday.

Starting our sunday, after breakfast I decided to filled the drum first, and my baby is there playing while I'm pumping the water pump(poso), and after my neighbor call my baby to have a breakfast with them, but my baby never go inside, she still waits for my approval if she will go inside and eat, but she wants to eat with them, then when I told do you want to eat with them, YES she answered, so we get inside, and eat breakfast with them, they love to invite my baby to eat with them kasi talagang ndi sya maarteng pakainin., After eating we go home and I look at my phone clock wow its 10am and yet my chores is not yet over, so I need to multi task again, cleaning and cooking at the same time.

Pichi-pichi and carioka(sorry i forget to take a phot bwfore eating hihi)

Then before lunch my partner came, he played with our baby, while I'm taking a bath then after I took my baby to shower(I take my shower first because of red days) then we had our lunch together, then after lunch we all go to bed for siesta, but my baby dis not sleep, so around 1:30pm we decided to go to her sister house, but when we arrived there, they are not around, so baby just play a bit then we went back home because the weather is to cloudy that anytime it will pour and the thunder is keep on rolling. So when we get home we all feels hungry so we had some wafers and after all go to bed, and while laying in bed somebody is selling some snacks so we decided to buy some pichi pichi and carioca and we eat again, after eating, strong rain starts poures down, so we go to bed and play there and baby is keep on singing. And even the rain stops we did not go out anymore, tatay and baby plays catch the ball and some other games too, and I really saw how happy my baby was, this is the longest time tatay and baby have thier bonding. And we had dinner together and now we're bed sleeping.

Its how their sunday goes

How this day turns extra ordinary?

My thoughts:

My partner/Tatay is a man who finds boring staying inside the house, weather its sunny or rainy day, his reason is you will not earn when you always stay inside the house, he prefered staying with friends and drink alcohol, and go home at night when we are about to sleep or sometimes we are sleeping already.

So this day is extra ordinary for me and baby because its the very first time he stays inside the house and spent more time playing with our baby for a day.. I think rainy season and being not feeling well the other day really gives us some reason to be thankful for, because we had a WELL SPENT SUNDAY.

Thanks to my sponsor, and other blogger that gives me inspiration to give myself a try in blogging through read cash

Thank you, enjoy and Spread love!


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2 years ago


That sounds like quality time. It's good to fill childhood memories with that for those moments are priceless. Keep spending time with the family.

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2 years ago

Thank you, yes this is the true happiness of having quality time with family

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2 years ago