To not forgive…

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2 years ago

Someone once said that, “ unforgiven is like taking poison and waiting for another person to die”. Sometimes to forgive can be hard at times, especially when we have been hurt by the people we hold dear to our hearts.


 The benefits of living a life of forgiveness can never be over emphasis,as it clearly plays the major determinant in our daily lives, of course,people will offend you,even wrong you, other times betray your trust but, there is nothing as worst as the good things you will deny yourself when you live a life of unforgiving, there is no posterity in that.

No matter how painful it maybe, you just have to forgive and let go; so that self growth can naturally happen. If you do not forgive there is no way you can move to the other level in life.

There are people that can simply hold a grudge for more than a decade, while others won’t mind taking the grudge to the grave, even when the other person realizes and come to them for forgiveness,they won’t forgive still,they will rather die than forgive.

“ life is too short to live a life of unforgiving”

No other way!

One just have to forgive, no matter the circumstances,you! forgiving this person or those people is for your own good,one forgive for the singular sake of self growth across every area of ones life,you want your life to be well nourished! forgiving must constantly occur.

Whether or not we like it, life will always test us before teaching us its lessons. There are times in life that we encounter some sorts of huddles and the people we least expected are the ones we often find on the vanguard of these lessons.

Difficult sometimes,

The lessons sometimes leaves some people heart broken or worst, deep scars on our bodies, where it becomes difficult for healing to sincerely happen, probably because of our inability to let go and forgive these people who may have hurt us, it’s not their fault sometimes, life has just unfortunately used them as vessels to teach some important lessons,

These lessons,

Will eventually give room for growth and a brand new life to flourish, it’s all part of the process. Growth will never happen where there is hate, growth can only happen where there is love,it can’t happen where there is hurt, it can only happen on an healthy ground.

Nelson Mandela once said “ If I don’t leave the prison life behind me, I will never be truly free”.

People you held very close to you may have one way or another betrayed your trust and this may have caused you some heart breaks,this may be the reason why you find it difficult to forgive.

it’s so hard,

But people will always be people, these people may have done all these terrible things to you and might not even remember, while you are busy carrying all those grudges in your heart;preventing yourself from attaining the heights creation wants you to get to in life.

They are excess baggages you carry; if you don’t forgive!

Forgive them all, at least for the sake of your own growth, it won’t take you anything to forgive but, it will take everything from you if you do not. Try to forgive and you will witness your own growth in life. Unforgiving is a burden  that no one needs on the journey of life,let it go! So you can be truly free.

I hope this write up has been helpful,thank you for reading,📖 I really  appreciate your efforts,thank you 🙏🏽 

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2 years ago


True, we should just let go of things that will just drag us down if we don't let go. Forgiving people even when they are not asking helps you have peace of mind.

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2 years ago

If Jesus could forgive all of my sins, who am I to say I will not forgive.

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2 years ago

Thank you very much

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2 years ago