Baby's diary: I love you, mama! (Part 3)

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Day 96

Hello my mommy! ☺ Good morning. Awesome! You slept well, maybe you got really tired from yesterday, right? I got really scared hearing what're you discussing with that old woman yesterday but good thing it's not what is it, right mom? And we are never ever going back there right? Right mommy? I really love you mom, please don't scare me like that again... It hurts my heart when'er you cry a lot. And please, don't think about a lot of things, you'll only get stressed. let's just focus on us mommy. One more thing mommy, who's this grandma that you always thought of? Is she your mommy??? I wanna meet her! I really wanted to! Please introduce me to grandma, mommy! I bet she's really good and loving like you ♥ I'm so excited.

Day 99

Mom? It's dad, right? Did he picked up? Hmm... maybe he's just busy so stop crying now, okay? I know you misses him a lot, and I do too because I love you both. And mommy, I want to eat some ice cream! *giggles*

Day 102

Hey mom! Where are we going again? Is it the doctor now? Or... is it at grandma's? Yippieeee, I'm soooo excited! I hope it's the latter ♥ You know what mommy, I really love it when you pat your baby bump, but I'll love it more if you smile whenever you do because you're so pretty mom. I'll be so lucky if I get those features! I'll grow up to be a beautiful lady like you mommy!

Mommy!?? What's happening? Why are we here again?? What are we doing here?? Are you going to talk about "that thing" again? It makes me so scared mommy! Please! Please! Don't go inside! Mommyyyy, I think I'm gonna cry. Don't you love me, mommy? Please, please! It really scares my little heart, and I could also heart your heart beats a lot more faster than usual. It says dug-dug-dug, really, really fast. You're scared too, right? Mommy? Don't... Mommy please!

What's going on? I really don't wanna hear "that thing" mommy. Make them stop! I don't wanna hear that word! Please, stop crying mom! Let's go home. I promise I won't demand ice creams or chocolates or burger or pizza anymore! I won't, I promise!

Where are they taking us mommy? Why are you changing your clothes? Eww mommy, what did you just drank? I don't like it... my heart hurts, it really hurts! I felt suffocated! I'm drowning.... mommyy! Please help me!!! What're they doing?? Ouch... I can't...I can't breathe.... please! ouch mommy.. I really can't...I

I... rea...lly... lo... love... you.... mommy.

I'll sleep now... forever, mom.


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