Parki Beach-Anowara

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3 years ago

Parki beach one of the beautiful place of Chittagong . Today i Will introduce it t you.


It Is Located under Anowara Thana of Chittagong District. from the Centre of city it is 30 kilometres far.


In parki Beache you can enjoy both the views of River And Sea.yes,this Is really Strange.Actually parki beach located just Beside of meeting point of Karnafully River And The sea.thats why This Speciality.


The parku Is full of so many views.i m Sure you mind will be impressed after seeing all these.

Here are Some-

In May 2016,Bangladesh was attack by a Cyclone Roanu. And unbelievablely it gifted Parki Beach a New view.A huge large ship floated and get stuck in the beach. But unfortunately it can not be removed so it became Part of parki beach.

See how Big it's really a Miracle of Allah that such a big ship flouted and stuck hare.

How to go:

After reaching in Chittagon, you Can continue your Journey in Your style.if you Want you can go there in your private transport or there is local transport is Also available.i m Giving tios for going Can go there by Rent-a-car, cab, microbus or CNG autorickshaw

1st you need to Go to Shah Amanat Bridge.there you will Found local Have to get in Buses From Banshkhali.It takes 1 hour. There is no direct bus service. etc. from Chittagong city to the reserve has to be paid. The minimum rent is 800 to 1500 taka. Even if you pay 300 taka for an autorickshaw or baby for one way, there is a possibility of not getting a car on the way back.

I will Suggest you to Go there at the on set of noon,so that you can enjoy ta beach and also the Sunset.the sunset view is really Amazing.

You Can Enjoy the Views of the way to Parki,these are also attractable.and i M sure you will fall in love if you come back from there after sunset.

You will Find many resturents there,so that you can enjoy your Evenings Snacks here beautifully seeing the Sunset.

Thats All,I hope you liked my Article,please Go and visit the Place.i m sure you gonna Love it truely.if need any help please Ask me or take a Local guide.

Thank you...

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3 years ago


After quarantine, i will visit this place....

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3 years ago

Sure....even i Also Wanted to Joint with you,it will be pleasure

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3 years ago

Yeah!!of course.

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3 years ago