Daughter of Haor- Mithamain

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This Is One Of beauty of Bangladesh in Rainy season.Today I Wanted to Discuss About It.

It Looks so Gorgeous in Rainy Season. During When The beauty increase More then Twice.

About Mithamain:

Mithamin upazila is a remote haor area. Almost all of these upazilas are submerged during the monsoon season. When the water recedes in the dry season, paddy is planted all over the vast desert. If we look at the map of Mithamin upazila, we can see that innumerable small and big rivers flow over this upazila like a net.


223 square kilometres

Which is About 140 villages.

Very Beautiful Place For Visit.The Tour Will Remembered by You of your Whole life.so Make a Tour.

How To Go:

Dhaka -> Kishoreganj -> Balukhola -> Trawler Journey -> Mithamin.

Thare Is Lots of Transport Available To go their.so you Can Make your Choice.

You Can Spent Your Whole Day There.it's a Very Comfortable Place.

If You Want to Night stay Then 1st look at these pictures😍😍😍

Thank You For Reading My article, Here is other Beautiful place Article👇




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