Must We Go Spiritual?

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1 year ago

I'm a believer of God and I know that there is nothing except Allah. I'm a Muslim but I don't pray five times daily. My bad!! Most times, I am lazy and there are times that I will be very busy. Above it all, I was not trained in that way. I was trained to always pray at home, tell God what I want and I will always get it. That has been my belief till now but things are changing. The older I get, the more I realize that life is not all about praying for the general things that people could ever think of. It's beyond that.

I have know a friend of mine for over eleven years. We met when we were in secondary school. At first, I didn't like her because she seemed to be tough but as time went on, we became very close. In my secondary school, we were six that were very close to each other. One of us drifted away slowly and five of us are still intact. We are still close like before and we don't hide things from each other. One thing is that no matter how close we all are, some of us will be closer to each other in the group. I am closer to one of us and she also shares her life experience with me.

Last year, I broke up with my ex boyfriend and I shared the experience with her. She also shared her experience with me and made me realize that she is facing the same thing. She has been dumped by different men likewise me. She came to my mom's shop one day and told me that she was going to the church. She forgot her scarf at home and I gave her my mom's scarf. When she came back, she gisted me that she went to pray about it. Honestly, I didn't take it seriously until I had another break up.

I shared it with her again and she told me that whenever I come around, we will visit the church today. I stated it earlier that the only thing I belief in is praying to God and leaving him to do the rest. I learnt that it is beyond that. There are times that we need to visit the church or mosque so as to know what's wrong with our lives. We are not spirituals as those pastors and that is why whenever something keeps repeating itself , we should ask our Pastors or Imams.

I've learnt that life is like a battleground and you have to pray about everything. Most times, I pray casually but I learnt that's not how to pray. I need to communicate with God so that I will understand what is going on with my life.

For those who are asking if we must always go spiritual. No but whenever the thing is happening frequently, please go spiritual.

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1 year ago